April 2012 Newsletter

Dear Members,

Easter is upon us & there will be a shaping of GX classes over the long Easter weekend when most of you seem to vanish into holiday mode anyway.

The club will remain open on the Easter Saturday & Easter Monday on normal Saturday hours & normal public holiday hours for the Easter Monday. Remember in line with Westfield’s Whitford Shopping Centre here, we will be closed on Good Friday & Easter Sunday, when doubtless you will all be in Church or at least searching out chocolate eggs?

ANZAC day will be usual public holiday hours; perhaps you’d care to give us feedback as to opening from 1200 midday to 1800 next year? This would allow you to attend the dawn services around Perth & then come by & train having paid your respects.

The rest of April is of course usual service & full on with usual classes in all areas & the ever-improving Spin / Cycle Zone gradually negating the air-flow glitches that were apparent in March. There are 2 new commercial Dynabreeze 750mm fans along with a commercial HXM400 air extractor capable of drawing out hundreds of cubic meters of air per hour.

This will also be improved upon by a commercial air-pump system over the coming months so that you will have a minor wind-tunnel effect of airflow throughout the cycle studio. The main issue with the cycle room is simply due to the low concrete ceiling which does not enable hot rising air from you all peddling ten to the dozen to escape the room at the necessary rate. The extractor system will help immensely.

The new audio system in the Cycle Zone is performing well & the balance now appears to be at a level that pleases the majority of members. The mood lighting is in & so softened the harshness of the room while the window transfer Decals are being produced as I type & some external graffiti artists will eventually be in to liven up the white walls. Worry not, the walls will not be sprayed black as rumour has it.

Some members have inquired as to why we moved the Cycle Zone from the main gym area? A fair enough question & the reason is due to the bikes taking up 25% of the main gym floor but only being used for a mere 11 hours per week. That meant one quarter of the main gym floor lay dormant for 90% of each week. Far too large an area to leave unused for 90% of the club’s opening hours I am sure you will agree.

Add to this the fact that when classes were in session it disrupted the main gym in terms of noise pollution as it prevented gym based music being played during the class session. What non-participating members did hear was not conducive to their gym workouts either. Last but not least is the fact that cycle classes were designed to take place in their own demise thus creating their own atmosphere & peloton feel for all the participating riders.

There is a new shade of Argent blue lighting in the Cardio Theatre for winter nights, so the area will be considerably lighter & easier to wander than it was when mood lit by the Tokyo blue which as you will recall was a dark ink blue. Hope that makes life easier on the older eyes.

The new functional training zone is now operational upstairs for all your quirky exercises, fit ball work, kettle bell work, sand bag work, medicine ball exercises, focus mitt, pad work & general strike / rolling training & skipping.

This area is in a phase of evolution for the next few months & with suspension training system to follow & a 4 meter square boxing ring for all pad work to take place in while traditional boxing bags will be hung from a beam in the area too. Hopefully your much demanded free workout space has been satisfied by this newly created zone.

Wishing you a happy Easter & plenty of anti-oxidant 70% plus pure cacao chocolate,