April 2018 Newsletter

A little bit of an update & insight into the telemetry based / focused bio-feedback training aids.

The global wearable market of fitness apparatus (aka gadgets) is forecast to boom upward of Australian $35 billion sometime in 2018 / 2019.

When the Apple / Samsung ilk of bio-feedback watches were launched in 2014/15, the Apple Watch was probably one of the most discussed units to come off the inventor’s work bench. The Apple watch had a large draw & so fan base from its loyal i-phone & i-gadget legions. Without that brand loyalty the watch would have been a flop.

What the Apple watch did for wearable fitness gadgets is give all brands a revitalised lead-in & instead of drawing away from the likes of Sunto, Garmin, Polar et al it actually increased public & fitness junkie awareness alike.

Smartwatches have since flooded the market with Samsung & other staking a major share of this burgeoning market too. Various fitness trackers combined with virtual reality headsets, wearable cameras & devices have jointly sky-rocketed the market sector which is set to expand from 80 odd million devices from the inception years of 2014/15 up to over 250 million devices by late 2018 early 2019.

The public interest & active participant’s desire for bio-feedback accurate & less accurate alike has developed immensely in 3 short years. Unquestionably the range of Samsung, Apple, Sunto & Polar smartwatches amongst other brands has now taken a firm grip of this sector & so actually dominates the Australasian general well-being, fitness & sporting sectors.

2017 / 2018 models of smartwatches are definitively more user friendly, more useable, more informative, accurate & so far more popular than the average fitness band on the market. They are also more expensive & rightly so.

Smartwatches offer many more features, options, personal control & bespoke settings in addition to modalities of recording the telemetry sent & received pertaining to essential bio-feedback be that blood pressure, heart rate, steps taken, distance, calories burned or other information.

These smartwatches also have greater synchronisation with your average tablet, phone, pad or other hand-held comms / music playing / pod-cast playing / radio device & so are more attractive to the everyday user as well as the gym buff & elite athlete both out door & indoor.

Those purists / elite trainers still wanting to train according to heart rate or within specific target heart rate zones really must still opt for the most accurate & world leader in such protocols & that brand is obviously Polar Heart Rate. So taking one of their numerous devices that marry up with a chest strap & associated wristwatch devices would be key to accurate heart rate training management.

Those outdoor tri-athlete focused also looking for navigation could do a lot worse than looking at Garmin & Magellan devices both of which built their core brands on geographical satellite navigation & so lead the market accordingly. While Sunto built its brand on depth (scuba diving) & altitude (mountaineering) & so although all these brands have diversified into heartrate & other essential bio-feedback they play second fiddle to Polar Heart Rate in this sphere of data analytics.

The likes of Apple & Samsung synchronising their phones & own watches with the leading wrist band brand called Fit Bit, out of San Francisco USA & all Fit Bit’s associated wristwear, scales etc is in our view more for the deconditioned mass public market. Fit Bit are hugely into monitoring sleep patterns but again how accurate the information is, well, at best it is highly debateable.


All Fit Bit ilk of wearables are indeed very useful motivational tools, most interesting, very engaging & exceedingly user friendly but not really suited to the serious gym buff neither the elite training & conditioning athlete. Fit Bit have released a series of newer more all-encompassing devices but essentially remain a lay-person’s, sedentary worker’s, general & social walker’s, cyclists & swimmers motivational aide & so best friend.

Enjoy your training with the aid of ‘wearable fitness gadgets’ but please do remember the device does not work out for you neither improve your performance. It motivates, monitors, creates goals etc but you still have to hit the gym. So, make sure you come down & visit us as regularly as you did before you invested in one of the dozens of new wearable fitness gadgets.