April 2020 Newsletter

Welcome into April, I use that phrase advisedly because there is absolutely nothing welcoming about any country this April. Sadly, we are all to a person wholly consumed with managing our government’s chosen model to combat Covid-19 which has swamped the globe, eradicating life as we know it & changing all of our lives in their entirety.

I will be writing a general article & update on the Covid-19 models in play around the globe, but for today in early April it is important to explain where your health club is in terms of serving you as valued members. Maintaining important contact with you, all be it at a distance, online, on the phone & on a range of social media platforms so as to ensure you maintain your safe, secure & vital social distancing in your family homes.

When the Covid-19 critique is posted on social media it will include some fascinating statistics, facts, details & less well advocated data. Mostly garnered from interesting overseas military, police, medical, emergency response symposiums from around the international community back in late 2019 when many nations became aware of this incumbent pandemic.

Suffice to say the current model being adhered to in Australia is the typical & most common in play in the free West. Unfortunately, this version we are following can best be described as a “Western styled, abridged, pseudo-suppression” which although well-intentioned & working to various degrees of immediate success in different countries, is seriously flawed in its medium-term & long-term objectives.

All our current Western-Suppression model will do is simply flatten the infection curve & so reduce the pressure on ICU beds & the nation’s hospitals. Aside from that it will do absolutely nothing to enable life to return to normal, neither our devastated economy recover & regain traction & any of us reclaim any semblance of normal life.

Back to your old warhorse of a health club, a club in it’s 40th year of existence. We are striving to ensure that the club is, as our Prime Minister Mr. Scott Morrison states, hibernated & so safely mothballed. The theory is that we are able to re-open in 1 – 3 – 6 months’ time when government deem it safe to do so. Err safe? Well again that debate for another article, none the less whenever the government deem it legal & lawful to once again serve our community.

This best laid defence plan can work here at Healthy Life Fitness Centre, not least because we have always cut our cloth accordingly. We have never borrowed vast sums of money, we have always purchased our equipment & never leased, hire-purchased or leveraged any debt unlike many other gyms & health clubs in Australia. In addition we have maintained a very prudent ‘membership accrual’ account where we retain any pro-rata of your hard earned membership subscriptions in the case we had to refund membership due to foreclosure.

So in essence we are solvent & secure to ride out a winter of discontent, so long as Westfield Scentre Group come to the party & assist us along government edict lines of rent abatement, waiver & / or write-off then yes I am confident that this old warhorse of a club will re-open her doors for you all later this year. I am pleasantly reassured by the initial discussion with an empathetic Westfield Scentre Group who have thus far expressed great appreciation of our predicament.

A dire predicament we find ourselves in through no fault of our own & admittedly through no fault of Westfield’s either.  We are all collateral damage in this government’s chosen strategy to mitigate the nation’s exposure to Covid-19.

As such we all have to bear some of the burden & work hand in glove with all parties to ensure everyone comes out the other side & everyone or at least as many as possible survive to serve their community another day.

I am as quietly confident as anyone could be under the circumstances & I genuinely believe that Westfield Scentre Group will assist us within the confines of the latest government edict on commercial tenancies. That occurring I very much look forward to welcoming you all back through the club’s doors late this year.

The level of service & style of member care we are able to afford you as valued members will be dependent on a myriad of factors, not least how many other clubs & gyms also survive the big shut down. All to say the demand for memberships here in this trusty old club will determine what level of staffing we can afford to provide you with.

Obviously we realise that we too will lose many members through personal health & well-being concerns, financial duress & other reasons too. So, the chances of your club opening with a critical mass to ensure we are viable is in the balance. The more whom remain on & support their oasis of health & well being the more likely we are able to remain viable & open. This combined with the number of other club & gym members who may be looking for a new gym because theirs has not re-opened will also play a factor in how viable we will be. Just the reality of economics & only time will tell.

For the last week of March & all of April the club has & will pay GFI’s & PT’s to deliver online work outs & programs for you all for free. Happily so, & we will continue to offer limited free support throughout the club’s enforced closure. That said the cost incurred in paying GFI’s & associated staff & contractors to create & launch such programs will be unsustainable by the time May comes around. We propose to endeavour to continue to launch & share a level of free member support & online classes but the majority will have to be subscribed to online by existing DD forms on much reduced rates.

We are considering a few schedules but likely a weekly subscription of $9.50 per week billed fortnightly DD of $19 a fortnight. You will receive at least 4 work outs every week online for your $9.50/week & so $2.37 a class.  We will keep you informed as we learn more about the various online platforms & the GFI’s & PT’s interested in participating.

Stay logged onto the club website & Facebook for the up to date information in this period of isolation & social distancing. Please stay home, keep safe, remain healthy & be happy.