August 2011 Newsletter

Dear Members,

A rather belated August equipment exchange has commenced. Apologies for the removal of some of your favourite pieces of resistance equipment from the strength areas but timing has gone slightly awry regarding the arrival of the new gear & the selling off of the old Cal Gym equipment.

The original equipment specification due over from the USA has hit a sticky patch & we have had to re-order the apparatus from within Australia in order to meet the demand of immediacy. None the less a few additional pieces will remain on order from California USA & arrive later in the year. The wait will be worth it as the equipment on order is superior to what we had.

When all said & done there is not a single exercise, not a single muscle group & not a single routine that you cannot complete with the equipment that we have in-situ. If you are struggling to find your favourite piece of equipment the PTs & I will happily show & then demonstrate an alternative exercise on a similar station, perhaps an even better one as I have only sold off out-dated, out-moded defunct equipment.

In fact regarding back exercises in general I am amazed that so few of you have been using the wonderful Cybex VR2 pin loaded stations all this time. VR2 simply means Variable Resistance on two plains as opposed to most isokinetic apparatus which works the specific muscle group on a single plain. It also surprises me that many of you elect to train on the old Cal Gym Seated Row pin loaded instead of the similar but infinitely better & more accurate Cybex VR2 Seated Row.

Remember with VR 2 range of Cybex you can hit the targeted muscle group twice as accurately with a cam that has been designed to optimise the muscle fibres engaged throughout the full range of motion on that particular exercise. The muscle is being worked through its optimum range of motion with the resistance increasing as the strength curve increases.

In simple terms the cam on each station has been designed around the natural strength curve of each muscle group as opposed to lesser equipment that operates on straight forward bearing, pulley & circular disc systems.

You can also use VR2 pin loaded equipment as per single plain VR1 & so keep it easy or engage the second plain & increase the results during each exercise. So, your workouts should be enhanced by the use of the historically much ignored Cybex VR2 equipment.

The cable work that requires more functional training, core work & the engaging of the associated muscio-skeletal system for stability is still available via the old Vortex Cable Cross & the new Multi Adjustable Pulley system. Yes you can still execute chest on either of these two cable systems no matter how tall & / or wide you think you are. If unsure ask for assistance.

The new pin-loaded Pectoral / Reverse Fly has had its new Super-Heavy stack put in place & is now an extra 40 kilos heavier than it was.

While we await the arrival of the new dozen or so resistance training stations I have re-designed the gym area to allow for free space around the red strike bag on the wall. Please use that area for your boxing workouts until the new equipment arrives. It will make a pleasant change for you, I hope.

Talking of boxing there are 2 more free-swinging boxing bags in the GFA now & one is permanently hung for you to use whenever the studio is empty & you feel like having a hit. If using the bags please remember to use your professional hand wraps under your 10 – 12 – 14 ounce gloves. This is a must when boxing in the club. If using club equipment re-stow it & always remember to tie the hanging bag back against the pillar so that the GFA remains user friendly for the ladies doing all their classes – thank you.

On staffing front we welcome Frances on board as your new reception team member. Jayne & Ken Lucas are now back from their month long holiday in the USA, welcome home guys.

If you have friends, family or colleagues thinking of joining you here at Healthy Life please see Ash, Ashleigh or Jayne for a complimentary pass for them to try the club out.

Last but by no means least, there is a new all singing, all dancing bookings system for the personal trainers & other appointments. The online program is also being implemented for the Group Fitness Schedule.

The innovation & ease of facilitation has been researched, chosen & implemented by none other than our own receptionist Laura Baines who has won herself an innovation of the year award for this great addition to the club’s operating system.

Thank you Laura, from the entire PT team who now have no excuse for not knowing what, who & where is when, ditto the GFI’s & their class schedules & cover lists.