August 2012 Newsletter

Dear Members,

TRX & Rip60 suspension training systems are now up & available in the functional training zone along with a fully complete TITLE boxing ring from the USA. Hope that you all get to enjoy the new areas & make as much use of these alternative training zones as you possibly can.

Now that the functional training zone is fully open & complete here are a few tips on etiquette when in that zone.

Please do remember that when kicking the various bags you do so barefoot or with martial art slippers / footwear only. You cannot kick the bags with normal trainers on as this tears the leather & rubs it raw.

Also do remember to use 10oz gloves with hand wraps or heavier gloves if you like – protect your knuckles & the bones in your hands & fingers at all times. Bag gloves are quite useless & no substitute for proper boxing gloves.

Do not take any weight plates / discs / dumbbells / barbells into the ring at any time. The ring is for ring craft & strike training only – nothing else. Weights in this zone damage the ring floor & are prohibited.

Do your power bag / sand bag / kettle bell & alternative core stability work outside the ring in the functional training zone.

The horizontal upper cut / hook bag is purely for upper-cuts & hooks, not for overhead rights / lefts, jabs, crosses etc. Please use the main tear-drop & straight boxing bag for those techniques.

Remember absolutely no sparring under any circumstances. Eventually those with martial art sparring licences & insurance (soon to be available at $60 p.a. each named party) will receive a certificate or policy & the right to spar but when doing so will have to wear the following: i) a head guard, ii) gum shield, iii) 12oz gloves or more (preferably 16 Oz gloves) iv) hand wraps & if kicking then v) padded leg / foot guards & vi) groin guards.

Skipping should always be done in the Group Fitness Area (that large empty room next to the main gym) if there is no class going on, if there is a class in session then the functional zone matted area or the hallway / walkway is fine to skip in.

Mason Campbell is available for reprogramming in August & September. Mason is a final year Sports Science degree graduate & well versed in exercise physiology. Should you wish to be trained by Mason just let me know or reception & between us we will book you in for a complimentary PT with Mason accordingly.

The new air extractor in the spinning zone is all wired up & ready to roll so your classes in that area should be all the more comfortable henceforth, great no more stale air! One complete change / cycle of air throughout the room every 3 minutes.

There are now 4 new pieces of Life Fitness making a total 50 individual stations of cardio in the cardio theatre zone, this is nearly double the number of units from when the club was taken over in 2011. All are new Life Fitness stations & you should all be benefitting from the great variety of gear & the fact that you never have to wait for any particular station anymore.

Christina Davini (PT) is running a ladies challenge which is great to see & fun to participate in. The challenge posters are up on the wall in the cardio theatre & in the main gym as well as on the intranet. Ladies have a go & win 4 Personal training sessions with Christina while having the fun of taking the challenge in the interim.

Enjoy the Olympic month of August; you can watch all the action in the cardio theatre on channels 9, SBS, ABC & highlights on 10 & Sport 1 HD throughout August. To receive crystal clear audio just bring in your android or I-phone & use the radio app to listen to the pre-programmed stations.

Have an Olympian month,