August 2013 Newsletter

August sees new time slots for the evening Cycle Fit classes on Monday, Wednesday & Thursdays, all three move from 1800 to the new time slot of 1830. This has been done in consultation with Cycle Fit / RPM fans so as to ensure more of you can make the classes as many were apparently snared in long traffic jams when exiting the city & heading home or just north to the club in Whitford City, Hillarys.

Hope that this new Cycle Fit evening time slot helps many of those who were prevented from making the earlier start time of 1800, look forward to seeing participation grow.

Leanne has been busy with her GFI team making a series of changes in the GX Zone. The first being the re-introduction of Zumba on Saturday afternoons when Kelly takes all-comers through a varied Zumba dance routine from 1530 – 1630. Thus far the two July classes have proved popular & we hope that more of you dance-orientated girls & ladies continue to join in with the weekend party. Remember if you want to bring a friend for free who is a non-member just see one of the membership consultants who will issue you a complimentary pass for them.

Another new introduction is the core-work classes that are Les Mills CX Worx & we now offer 6 CX Worx every week & two very different ones on a Saturday morning after the 0730am Body Pump Express & before the 0900 Body Step Express (another new introduction as of Saturday 3rd August). In addition Thursday 1730 slot is now a BP Express followed by a CX Worx so again more opportunity to hit your body’s core in a fun yet structured workout to music.

Gym goers, cardio theatre users & other GX Zone participants should note that all CX Worx classes can be entered into for just the prescribed 30 minute slot without you having to participate in the BP or BS attached. Also bear in mind the longer version of CX Worx on Monday morning & Wednesday evening are pure CX Worx for 45 minutes.

The GX Zone now benefits from 4 commercial multi-coloured LED Laser Strobe beams to provide that extra soft mood lighting to any workout that your GFI elects to trip the switches on. Hope you feel the GX Zone is a more inviting & gentler atmosphere when participating from now on. The central white beam mercury lights can now be switched off is majority of participants prefer.

More good news is the arrival of 3 new 750 Kilogram rated 7 foot Olympic Bars with fast snap-lock grip collars for ease of securing the weight discs onto the actual bar.

The functional training zone now benefits from a complete 7.5 meter width Cross Fit Beam that supports 4 permanently hanging Rip60 units for the ultimate suspension workout while another 4 can be added for group suspension training sessions should they be in demand. Chris Smith (see PT’s bios) will also be offering specialist suspension group sessions later this year, ask Chris for details.

At last the newly refurbished Nautilus Freedom Trainer is back in-situ with two brand new arms, guide rods plus new cables, so hopefully you will all benefit from the free moving dual axis cables.

Do remember to see any of the personal trainers for preferential starting rates to multi-packs as you set your sights on reinvigorating your fitness regimes for the spring.

Have an active August, Daniel