August 2015 Newsletter

So ends a trilogy of newsletters all about developing the club into a 24/7/365 facilityfor member convenience while retaining our unique charm as a customer facing, member focused, full-service health club.

Rest at ease people, the club will retain the ‘human factor’, our personal touch, customer-care, member-services & our greatly valued one on one member-focus too. These services will remain on offer during staffed / full service hours which will initially remain exactly as they are presently.

The main change being brought about is for our off-peak members who have benefitted immensely from full access on weekends & public holidays as well as over the festive season. Now that we are going 24/7/365 we still welcome off-peak members in when the staff are on site but obviously not during un-manned hours.

This will also be the case for under 18 student memberships, short term daily, weekly, monthly 3 & 6 month termed memberships. These discounted & short term categories will not permit 24/7/365 access.

But those wishing to upgrade to the new 24/7/365 access need only pay $1 extra per week up from $16.95 / week to the new 24/7/365 subscription of $17.95 / week.

This is the membership that the majority of members hold & so most people will be able to benefit from 24/7/365 access for a mere $1 more / week. An additional 9 hours every 24 hours for a mere $1 every 7 days.

Within a month or two the staffed hours of service from the main club reception desk will eventually change to the following reduced staffed hours:

Monday to Thursday the club will remain exactly as we are presently 0530am – 2100hrs. But the less popular & less in demand Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays will alter as below.

Fridays: 0530am until 1900.
Saturdays 0700am until 1400.
Sundays 0800am until 1200 midday.
Public Holidays 0800am until 1200 midday.

Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday & Easter Sunday will all become 24/7/365 member access days without any staff present.

Please remember that the memberships that will have access to the club outside serviced hours will be all peak / full club memberships, i.e. those on the new standard 24/7/365 access $17.95 a week membership or the family or FIFO or corporate or over 18 student at the new family, FIFO, 18+student or corporate 24/7/365 rate of $16.95 / week.

These two price points of $17.95 (individual) & $16.95 (18+ student, FIFO, corporate or family) will all gain 24/7/365 access having purchased their own bar coded & secure Proximity Key Fob access / egress device on the standard HLFCH lanyard.

These will be made available at below their cost price for a one off purchase fee of $25.00 each.

Off peak memberships at the $10/week & student memberships at the $14/week & $600 & $700 p.a. paid in full per annum along with all short term 1 / 3 & 6 month memberships will, I am afraid, not have access to 24/7/365 outside staff-serviced hours.

Each member opting for the 24/7/365 membership will have to attend a brief OH&S induction & sign an addendum to their main contract clarifying their responsibilities as a 24/7/365 user. Also understanding the penalties associated with permitting or giving access to unauthorized people to the club.

Have a great month of August by the end ofwhich we hope to have launched our 24/7/365 service & completely gone live with the 24/7/365.

Thank you