August 2016 Newsletter

Half way through winter or nearly anyway & still the club is pretty full of members going about their training. Great effort by you all.

The month of July saw the arrival of four fantastic Iso-lateral pin-loaded stations of Cybex Eagle strength equipment with their converging strength curves & optional Iso-lateral movement mechanisms. This series of equipment to add to the recent Life Fitness & Precor strength stations that arrived in May & June respectively. Hope that you are all enjoying the new apparatus in the work out zones.

A further addition to the club’s comprehensively integrated workout zones was the new 19mm, thick-pile, double looped, tri-backed & triple stitched sports Astroturf with its high volume density for easier friction free sled work.

This new strip of Astroturf is available to all members in the dual-functional / bumper plate & crèche zone, sometimes the small group PT sessions can be in there 1700 – 1900 but if you shout the PT groups will ensure you have space to work out in, ditto if you need to train on the Olympic Bumper Plates / Bars there too.

Please do remember not to use the wooden stretching dowels (poles) as martial art weapons & spin them about smashing the ceiling lights down as happened last month. Quite a repair job, not to mention you could take some other member’s eye out or head off.

Talking of free-body human movement that takes me to the GX Zone & our long overdue adjustment to the schedule for those of you toiling in the city & other areas during your working week.

We have finally rescheduled the evening classes to streamline with an Active / High Energy class at 1800 (6pm) followed by an earlier Mind & Body at 1900 (7pm) so you can all get home to your dinner that half hour earlier on weekday nights.

The evening GX Schedule slots will now be 1800-1900 & 1900-2000 for the classes with two cycle classes also at 1800 on Mondays & Wednesdays. Monday 1800 Body Pump, 1900 Yoga / Tuesday 1800 TABATA, 1900 Pilates / Wednesday 1800 Body Pump, 1900 Yoga & Thursday will be 1800 Body Step Athletic, 1900 Yoga. Remember that those of you attending the 1800 cycle class will also have the chance to unwind & close your day off with the same relaxing 1900 to 2000 mind & body session.

We have our first male GFI in ages starting in Gabriel Chan who launches the new Thursday evening Body Step Athletic at 1800 so that new dynamic choreography should blow you all away & help the Sh’Bam ladies keep their minds sharp with new precise & somewhat complex series of moves.

Vanessa & Sarah Maddern are liaising on an ongoing basis to fine a mutually convenient spot for the second weekly Sh’Bam slot. We are confident we will eventually find a second dance based slot in the coming two quarters.

In the second week of September (Sunday 11th September), so the first month of Spring 2016, we will also be launching a new Sunday active class.

At last Body Pump on a Sunday at 0930am will come into play for you all. The popular Body Balance will be moved along to start after the high energy Body Pump & will run from 1030 to 1130am. This new Sunday Body Pump will see us gain our second male GFI of the year in Brendan Everett & his high energy, all powerful delivery of Body Pump by Les Mills. Make sure you note the 11th of September in your diaries for the start of this first new Sunday high energy class.

Also look forward to supporting the much requested & now provided Tuesday 1130am Yoga with Michelle Jennings which commences tomorrow Tuesday 2nd August 2016 & runs evermore

Have a great month,