August 2017 Newsletter

August will fly by & that will be the final freezing month of this year, or so we hope anyway. Spring is only 30 odd days away & as such it might be time for those of you with less than the optimal number of weekly visits to the house of health, house of pain or plain old gym to increase your attendance.

In addition to the constant flow of new & exciting equipment that arrives into your club we are also always seeking new group fitness instructors along with Personal Trainers so as to liven up your ever evolving GX Zone & general workouts in the club. To this end Vanessa Green has managed to recruit a group of new GFI’s for your well-being, fitness & increasingly exciting group & small group training sessions.

New to the team are Dave Trotter, RPM trained & certified and a PT (soon to be BS & BP trained too), Katherine Dennis, BP & Metafit trained & certified along with Sharon Foster, Metafit trained & certified, Tabata, HIIT & a PT too. Then there is Hannah Emmerson, a Sculpt – Fusion GFI also instructing Barre-series of classes elsewhere & last but not least is Rachel Ashton a BP & RPM trained & certified instructor. These 5 strong instructors with a varied & experienced history of the fitness sector join our Healthy Life Fitness Centre team & will be seen on stage here in the club from August 1st 2017 onwards.

The club is also launching an entirely new Mind & Body class on Thursday evening at 1900 hours by Hannah Emmerson. The class is designed to provide a complete body workout for all clients working at different levels, sculpting the body with strength & grace.

You will enjoy a high-energy class, while incorporating movements & techniques from dance & Pilates. The Scuplt-pilates-Fusion class offers alternative benefits to your traditional gym / fitness / Pilates workouts. Expect to be challenged & discover muscles rarely used throughout this non-stop sweat session.

Long-term benefits for you will include, improved posture & balance, greater range of movement & increased flexibility all while achieving a honed, sculpted & leaner frame.

Another change starting mid-August is your Wednesday 0915am Body Step is changing to a more invigorating Body Pump / MetaFit 30/30 series by the energetic & enigmatic Katherine Dennis. This Wednesday 0915am class change should commence Wednesday 23rd August 2017.

As some of you may know Ben Gabrovec’s Move Forward Physiotherapy are transferring their clinic into the main mall as of Mid-August & as such the two treatment rooms will become vacant in August & September respectively. For the foreseeable future we at Healthy Life Fitness Centre will continue our synergy & alliance with move Forward Physiotherapy as our nominated sports medical partner. This will remain the case until either party decide otherwise. As such we will continue to run the musculoskeletal analyses for our members & indeed remain referrals going to Renae Fish our in-house physiotherapist.

For those of you who might not be aware Tjaarda (TJ) Allison our once nominated in-house physiotherapist has as of the end of July 2017 moved on from being a physiotherapist per-se & TJ is now an elite body sculpting, total body – conditioning, strength & conditioning coach from his own on-line portal soon to be launched. TJ will possibly be back in the club as a coach & personal trainer later in 2017.

Treatment room #2 as was Jessica’s massage room before becoming Move Forward Physiotherapy’s Reformer Pilates room is about to be turned into a new revived beauty therapy suite.

Wendy Marshall a highly experienced beauty therapist & beauty salon proprietor who has opened & operated beauty salons in Perth & regional West Australia is taking that treatment room on & opening her own beauty treatment parlour for all the club members to enjoy.

Wendy’s new beauty therapy suite will be called Serendipity & should open its doors in late August 2017.  Wendy will be offering all the usual beauty treatments for both men & women that one would expect & also soft tissue massages from within the second room.

Hoping August is not as cold as July but if it is, do remember that you can stay warm by training here in Healthy Life Fitness Centre where physical action always warms up the body & soul.