August 2021 Newsletter

August 2021 starts with Perth still trapped in a wet blustery winter chill but at least exercising remains a daily option for us all, a luxury many Australian states do not have, so let us all be grateful for such luxuries. Long may our open doors remain permissible.

Talking of open doors, the new club’s doors are now on the horizon as we inch closer to our new club finally opening. You will see Goodlife team members in & around the club, available to answer your questions & put you at ease as to the bright & new future across the Whitford City mall when we finally relocate.

We will have a few member-open forums whereby the Goodlife WA State management team led by Ian Harvey will be on hand to take you through a fly-through of the new club, explain the options as well as answer any questions you may have. We will be announcing the days & times of these open forums on social media & with signs on the front desk.

Here is the link to the Whitford City aka Hillarys Goodlife health club’s current design, layout & setup  or Fly Through

There are certain aspects not depicted like the wet areas, dry changing while furniture, fixtures & fittings are not definitive. Please do not be concerned as to some of the finer internal design features being absent as the fly-through is a work in progress & the definitive finish is unfolding as I type.

Yes, there will be Group Cycling Classes on spin bikes in the Whitford City / Hillarys Club. Correct, the actual area & cycle zone per-se is not depicted at present but there will be group cycling in the club.

As a general outline the membership subscriptions will roll over into the new venue & you will be thrilled to learn that all will be at more favourable subscription points than we, as a stand-alone facility, can afford you.

If you are happy enough to dedicate yourself to just the Hillarys / Whitford City venue, then as a bona-fide Healthy Life Fitness Centre member you will be given the opportunity to lock in on an amazing $11.99/week tariff including your Debit Success billing fee.

So, a fortnightly subscription all-inclusive of just $23.98 will be available as an existing Healthy Life Fitness Centre member transitioning into the new Goodlife Health Club as a BLUE member.

If you wish to have the flexibility & variety of multi-venue access thereby giving you entry to every single one of Goodlife’s Australian wide clubs on their PLATINUM membership? Well, again as an existing Healthy Life Fitness Centre member you will be given the opportunity to lock in at an impressive $15.74/week including Debit Success fees.

So, a fortnightly rate of $31.48 all-inclusive will provide you with PLATINUM membership giving you access to every single Goodlife Health Club.

The highest tier of membership is known as BLACK & gives you Goodlife’s top-end, highest level of membership which includes their much-coveted Reformer Pilates zone & their Arena functional / MMA training space.

You will be given a preferential tariff for this BLACK membership by the member care consultants when you speak with them.

The rack rate is still a great valued $27.99/week for unlimited Reformer Pilates (aka bed-Pilates / Apparatus Pilates) classes & the new club will be running over half a dozen each & every day to choose from, likely eight to a dozen Reformer Pilates classes a day!

Bearing in mind the majority of Reformer Pilates facilities charge upwards of $55 a week for their sessions, our tariff is just amazingly generous value. Also, do bear in mind that none of the other venues run as many daily Reformer Pilates sessions as our new Goodlife Club will offer you.

Another bonus for you all as bona-fide Healthy Life Fitness Centre members is that from this month, August 2021, Goodlife Health Clubs start to welcome you all into their West Australian health clubs.

All you have to do is see reception in the club & register your up-to-date e-mail & mobile to go on the access all clubs list. Once registered with healthy Life Fitness Centre your data will be shared with Goodlife operations & then you download the Goodlife KUBOFIT App.

You will receive a special code to go with the KUBOFIT App that will facilitate your use of it & so access to all Goodlife clubs once you have registered with Healthy Life Fitness Centre & then Goodlife WA have contacted you & added your details to their central management control systems.

KUBOFIT App Targeted open day for your new Whitford City / Hillarys club is late October to early November 2021.

Exciting times for you all & see you in the club as you continue with your individual health journey.