Australian Hero – Kelvin Brown

Kelvin Brown Aussie Hero

Unassuming, humble, every day, good guy who works-out like a demon as regularly & reliably as a good Swiss watch strikes the hour mark. That is Kelvin Brown, our very own Australian hero who goes about his training regime here in the gym & the MMA zone with zeal.

Remember back to 5 years ago this month, August 2010? You were all seeing his name on the news & reading about his achievements in the broadsheets, hell, he even had the president of Chile demanding the captain of Kelvin’s commercial flight hit the afterburners to ensure Kelvin’s timely arrival to the rescue site.

Kelvin has always been fit & kept himself in shape both on the tatami at various dojos & here in the Healthy Life gym, as indeed has his wife & fellow member Natalie Brown as she hits the gym & enters the GX zone. Both are great examples of a well-conditioned family here in the club.

Kelvin’s story is a remarkable one as he turned his mining, mineral & resources drilling knowledge from extracting valuable resources to saving human lives.

Kelvin is credited with saving the lives of 33 Chilean miners trapped 700 meters below ground. It was Kelvin’s consulting & practical drilling knowledge that made the lifesaving cuts to the trapped men & bore the lifesaving holes that re-joined their dark & terrifying world to ours on the earth’s surface.

If you want to read more of Kelvin’s amazing feats that saw his name emblazoned across the world’s media then take a look at the links here in The Australian, on ABC News & a host of other media outlets including CNN, BBC, Sky News etc. Documentaries by channel 9’s sixty minutes titled ‘Entombed’ takes you through the tale of his amazing rescue as does the ABC network & their feature documentary in Australian Story.

Back to Kelvin today, he continues to train here in our small club like a steam train, lifting the steel, pumping the iron, striking the MMA bags & generally setting a great example to us all. Kelvin’s commitment to remaining fit demonstrates that even busy, successful mining & resources top brass can find & make the time to work-out regularly if they really want to.

Great going Kelvin & most of us remember your remarkable humanitarian feat of 5 years ago. Not many folk can reflect back in life on one much less thirty three lives they have helped to save. Doffed hats to you Mister Brown.