December 2010 Newsletter

Dear Healthy Life Fitness Centre Hillarys Members,

Allow me to introduce myself to you, after all it is you the members who are the core of what makes this health club what it is today. You are the foundation of Healthy Life Fitness Centre Hillarys & it is for you the members that Louise operated the club for the last decade & for you the members that I have the pleasure of taking over the reins from Louise in 2011 & thereafter.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Louise & her team for permitting me to purchase her club & indeed for permitting me to continue to run the club under the successful & respected Healthy Life Fitness Centre banner. I will endeavour to carry on their efforts to date & take the health club forward, onward & upward to even greater heights.

In the beginning Louise saved your club from certain collapse & is handing it over to me in far better shape than she inherited it, for that we should all be grateful to her. I know that she would have continued to improve, develop & foster a Healthy Life environment for you all, but for her new focus in life – a family & her commitment to your sister club Cottesloe Healthy Life Fitness Centre just down the tracks from here.

So, it is my pleasure to now be able to arrive into Australia, a country I have visited & even periodically lived in since 1989 & work alongside the loyal Hillary’s team in providing you all with an ever-improving oasis of well-being, health, fitness & exercise. It is our focus to work in a dedicated harmonious manner, with you the members, to provide you the members with what will eventually be as near to a state of the art facility as we can realistically afford & in the interim to provide the best client care & member services we can.

Without wishing to bore you with a CV, I will summarise a little of my health & fitness back ground in order to give you confidence that your club is in the capable hands of an experienced health, fitness & well-being operational director. I have been in the health & fitness industry since my time as a martial arts instructor & a physical training instructor while at university & thereafter in one capacity or another. My passion is strength & fitness conditioning for sports specific training as well as rehabilitation work post sports injury. This while providing any membership base I am responsible for with the optimal facilities / service so as to enable them to attain new heights of physical goals in the shortest possible time.

Even when working in the government security sector I have always maintained an investment as well as an interest in the health, fitness & well-being fields. I have to admit that for the last decade I have primarily been working in the government security sector but still managed to part-own & operate two major London health clubs, an Abu Dhabi & a Dubai club on my rotations of stand-down. All continue on successfully to this day under new ownership.

My door is always open to anyone wishing to proffer a view, opinion, make a request about our club or to simply have a chat on any subject from third world poverty & conflict zones to our own luxury lives of Australian riches in what this amazing & fruitful country offers us all. This is after all the leisure industry & your free time is as valuable a commodity as anything else in your world.

They call this the lucky country & I remember being a 12 year old when I first heard those words, also back in the 1980’s it was termed as the land of milk & honey, I hankered to live in Australia since way back then & finally in 2011 I have made it my base. Far from it my place to tell you how lucky you are being Australians, living where you do, but I will anyway & this nation of yours is something to behold.

A large part of that Australian spirit comes from you as a people being fit & healthy, out-doors & active types, in some small way I hope that we here at Healthy Life Fitness Hillarys can contribute to you, your family’s & your friend’s lives. How? By being the engine room where you recharge your minds, hone your physical skills, refine your motor-neurons, limber up your joints & generally ensure your bodies are fit, ready & able to carry your minds to where the body has to go.

There will be many open forums along the way, the first being this Saturday 18th December 2010 at 1200 midday, make sure you turn up to vocalize your wants, needs & opinions. I cannot promise all will be met, far from it, but at least I & my team will know them & bear them in mind as we strive to afford you that which you seek most.

To a happy, healthy future in unison, I trust.