December 2011 Newsletter

Dear Members,

Festive season is upon us & gluttony is bound to occur, if not gluttony then certainly over-indulgence. All the excesses we humans tend to enjoy have a somewhat negative impact on our health & therefore our wellbeing.

So, try & remember that your local sanctuary is here for your respite from all the over-indulgence & we will remain operational & at your disposal for you to sweat out the alcohol, burn off some extra calories or simply maintain your general well-being if you are a sensible festive season celebrator.

The club will remain operational aside from the days that the Westfield Shopping Centre states we should be closed, thus Christmas day, Boxing day & New Year’s Day we will officially be closed but I will be in the club & I will happily open the doors to one & all between the hours of 0900am & 1100am. I will most likely be here working away throughout most of the entire day on each of the stated closed days, so just ring first & I’ll try & answer or if passing by knock on the door & I’ll let you in.

Unlike many of the larger chains & government clubs who are closing & operating half days etc. we will open normal hours right up to Christmas Eve & then between Christmas & New Year for 12 hours a day. The opening times will be posted online & at the club entrance.

The official group fitness schedule is being tapered sensibly so as to optimise the classes available to all the members while ensuring the classes Leanne does select with her team of GFI’s are well attended. After all there is nothing worse than participating in a class that has 2 – 6 people rattling around the studio & no atmosphere. Far better that we have less classes with 20 – 40 people in them all buzzing along with a great vibe.

Leanne is highly experienced in all she does on the group fitness management & she has years of instructing experience to draw upon but even more significant than that? Leanne knows the region & the area well so she knows what time slots to place classes in better than most. Leanne also knows the members well having taught here for many years & having managed many clubs she is used to designing reduced festive season time tables.

There are bound to be classes each individual wants that have been sacrificed for a more appropriate or popular session, please do try & bear with us & perhaps use the tapered schedule to try a class that in normal weeks you would might not have tried. This often turns up previously undiscovered likes & change to one’s training regime is always a good thing, even enforced change. Remember classes you had preconceived ideas about often prove to be stimulating & enjoyable so please do remain open to such possibilities. Thank you.

And so to those much said words ‘HAPPY CHRISTMAS’ what does that phrase mean to you? Perhaps a time to think about others & those less fortunate than ourselves? Even those not celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ tend to reflect upon the needy. So how about we here at Healthy Life think of the following sentiment when we say the words Happy Christmas:


I believe that a small part of this Xmas season can be taken by us all to remember others, think of the souls within our world who are the have-nots. It does all mankind some good & helps us appreciate what each have.

Thank you & Happy Christmas,


This Christmas Step into Training  with true training – listen to your heart this festive season


Thursday 1st To Saturday 24th Dec Normal Hours

Sunday 25th Dec Xmas Day – CLOSED

Monday 26th Dec Boxing Day – CLOSED

Tuesday 27th Dec 0800-1400 – Bank Holiday Hours

Wednesday 28th Dec 0700 – 1900

Thursday 29th Dec 0700 – 1900

Friday 30th Dec 0700 – 1900

Saturday 31st Dec 0700 – 1700


Monday 2nd Jan – 0800-1400 Bank Holiday hours

Tuesday 3rd Jan Club Back To Normal Hours