December 2012 Newsletter

Dear Members,

The season of merriment is upon the world again & here in Perth WA we are no different. Many of you will be going on holidays, some to a white Christmas, others to sunny beaches & turquoise waters, the rest of us here in our own nirvana where the club will remain with doors open & welcoming smiles to all who enter.

This year we are increasing the club’s opening hours to the longest ever & remaining on normal club operating hours every single day apart from Christmas day itself when we will close. This year we will again open on Boxing Day & New Year’s Day from 0800-1400. The only other slightly shorter day will be New Year’s Eve when we will close at 1800 sharp.

Unlike many of the larger chains & government leisure facilities who are closing & operating half days etc. we will remain open on normal hours throughout the holiday season & only have adjusted hours on 3 days as mentioned above. Your oasis of a workout world for the ultimate gym – junkie remains accessible as usual to work off the excesses of the Christmas season.

The lower member numbers that occur at this time of year throughout every club mean we too have to alter the GX (group fitness) schedule for the 4 week period of downturn. So once again Leanne, myself & the GFI team have worked out the optimal class program to ensure full or fuller classes whilst providing a suitable range of workout options for the majority of members.

The schedule is being tapered sensibly & with great thought, rationale & planning as there is nothing worse than participating in a class that has 2 – 6 people rattling around the studio combined with no atmosphere. As I said last year, far better that we have less classes with 20 – 40 people in each so ensuring all buzz along with a great vibe & an enjoyable atmosphere.

Again I reiterate that indeed there are bound to be classes each individual wants that have been sacrificed for a more appropriate or popular program, it is inevitable. All that we ask is that you please try & bear with us & perhaps use the tapered schedule to try a class that in normal weeks you would might not have tried.

This often turns up previously undiscovered likes & changes to one’s training regime that may otherwise not have occurred. It is always a good idea to alter the body’s challenges & program schedule, never the best idea to remain in the same old rut. So use this 4 week season of festivity to try something new.

Remember classes you had preconceived ideas about often prove to be stimulating & enjoyable so please do remain open to such possibilities.

Last but not least we have a new team member from the UK in Ian Mellor a personal trainer & membership consultant who joins our team on 1st December 2012. Ian will be with us for at least 6 months as he & his girlfriend Faye decide whether or not to extend their stay in Australia beyond this one year working visit.  Ian is the latest new team member to join alongside Jill Waller, now a well-known face on reception & a budding personal trainer.

All will remain in & around the club with the long serving staff at your service throughout.

Thank you again for sticking with the club & the entire team here wish you all a very merry Christmas & a happy New Year,

Daniel & all the Healthy Life team.

This Christmas Step Into Training with true training – listen to your heart this festive season.


One of the only health clubs in all of Australia to offer the same great hours that we always open our doors to you as valued members.

Christmas Day Tuesday 25th Dec – CLOSED

Wednesday 26th Dec Boxing Day – 0800-1400

Monday 31st Jan New year’s eve 0530-1800

Tuesday 1st Jan New Year’s Day – 0800-1400

All other days are standard 0530-2100hrs or usual weekend hours