December 2015 Newsletter

Let us be honest members, gym-goers, gym-junkies, had-core trainers, body-builders, body sculptors, coaches & personal trainers; some things are best left to the true full-time world leading professionals, the biomechanical experts, Kinesiologists & their engineers along with the world’s leading exercise physiologists, sports scientists, sports physicians researchers & developers in strength & conditioning for the production of state of the art, marquee branded American manufactured resistance equipment.

Here in Healthy Life Fitness Centre we have always & we continue to invest heavily in the latest, greatest & optimal state of the art biomechanically perfect isokinetic strength & conditioning equipment, apparatus & stations. All to say we provide you as coaches & clients with the very best in the world’s training equipment.

So when you work out on a piece of $5,000-$12,000 strength & conditioning equipment designed, planned, drawn, redrawn, modelled, re-modelled, tested, refined, improved & finally manufactured for general release to the world’s leading sports teams & coaches, well, you can rest assured that the piece of Free Motion, Nautilus, Cybex, Precor, Life Fitness, Matrix, Hammer Strength etc. have already been optimised to the infinite degree for you & I as end users & end coaches.

Have faith in the greatest names in the world when it comes to design, build & production of leading brand isokinetic & general strength & conditioning equipment. Try to appreciate the rigours these biomechanical experts, sports scientists, sports physicians & engineers have gone to in producing the ultimate station & then had elite athletes test the units & subject to feedback then refined the stations & finally manufactured them ready for public release.

Respect their superior knowledge, experience & expertise in equipment design & release rather than trying to reinvent the wheel at the coal face as an amateur gym-junkie by applying Neanderthal baseless science to alter strength curves, strength lines, linear loads & every manner of convector imaginable.

I never cease to be amazed at the daft, crass, baseless or moot points & observations made by amateur gym-junkies as to why they have elected to transform a state of the art Iso-Lateral strength station into a dual limb station or alter the strength curve, strength line, load bearing, load vector or other parameter.

Rest assured that you do not know better than the teams of American, British, Russian, Canadian, German & even Australasian global leading experts who are paid six figure salaries annually to produce training systems for the world’s leading sports teams & athletes. You cannot improve on what is already the best, you can only ruin their carefully calculated design & production while minimising the benefits of using the station as it was designed.

In addition you might well achieve the unremarkable feat of possibly simultaneously injuring yourself as you clumsily strap cables, cleat, weight loads & attachments to re-invent that station into a single based weight stack unit.

Dual weight stacks & / or iso-lateral levers are designed strictly for optimal iso-lateral movements. The stations are designed to optimise the equal & balanced increase of raw strength throughout a natural strength curve. So no, do not cleat their cables together in order to imagine you are in any way improving a Gary Jones, Roy Simonson, Professor Ken Fox, Tom Purvis, Professor Steadman, Dr Paul Juris, Dr Susan Sotir, Professor Massimo Massarini, Dr Jay Hoffman, Phil Patti, Dr Ellington Darden researched & designed station.

Because you are not. All you will be doing is ruining their team’s years of dedicated research & development to cheat your way to lifting heavier weights through an incorrect vector, along a compromised strength curve / poorer camber & shorter & incomplete range of motion.

We have spent over half a million dollars purchasing the very latest & greatest strength & conditioning equipment for you to train on as directed by the experts who invented it. Please enjoy yourself safely & equally importantly, optimally.

Happy Christmas,