December 2021 – Newsletter

Merry Christmas & a Happy New year to you all, almost another year down & thankfully we managed to remain open & at your service for the greater part of 2021, most fortunate indeed.

We are also that little bit closer to your exciting all-new bling Goodlife Hillarys health club & the grand opening. I know, I know, yes, we said similar in December 2020, point taken & your disappointment duly noted & acknowledged.

However, we do all have to allow for the knock-on effects of Covid-19 & although we, here in the West, have been very lucky in terms of minimal disruption to our lives? The rest of the country have suffered immeasurably. We do have to bear in mind the huge impact that Covid-19 lockouts, lockdowns, shutouts & business closures as well as stay at home orders & no inter-state travel have had over on the East Coast & the extreme damage across the larger business community.

Goodlife have battled valiantly to remain supportive of their massive infrastructure & their vast Australian membership base. They have done incredibly well when you consider that their main business states of Victoria, NSW & Queensland have had the core of the Goodlife health club empire shut down for well over half of 2021 & most of 2020.

It is testament to the sterling stewardship of the Fitness & Lifestyle Group’s CEO Greg Oliver that he has managed to helm the group through such torrid times. In addition to keeping the group afloat Greg & his TFLG board have managed to maintain the group’s development & national infrastructure growth.

That is where we come into the equation, as although we have been badly delayed, all things considered it is a minor miracle that Goodlife have managed to maintain the course & ensure our new club actually opens at all, never mind successfully in very early 2022. Still targeting the very end of February 2022 & looking good to meet that finish line.

Please note that the original phase one foundation transition special offer kindly afforded to you all from Goodlife Health Clubs to Healthy Life Fitness members closed out on the 25th of November 2021 as scheduled & advertised. The next tier of special transition rates is now available from the Goodlife member care crew over in the pre-opening sales booth or from their membership consultants here in our club.

Both Healthy Life Fitness Centre & Goodlife will keep you updated as to the final run-in here at the old warhorse & the long-promised opening of your new Goodlife club inside the mall.

During December we will run the full range of GX Classes until Christmas Eve when the tapered GX schedule will commence. This will be akin to the previous year’s sessions & allow for fuller more popular classes during the festive holiday season. The original GX Schedule will recommence again on 1st February 2022 & run until we transition into your new Goodlife club.

Please take a look at the two GX Zone schedule’s online & at the front desk. The first runs from 1st December through to 23rd December inclusive & then the seasonally adjusted schedule takes over from the 24th of December & runs to the 31st of January2022 inclusive.

Krista Allen takes a step back from her busy GFI work & so her Friday morning 0600am RPM Cycle is now taken on by Missy Tautuku, a gun of a GFI all the way from Wellington New Zealand. The quieter Wednesday evening 6pm cycle will not be replaced for the time being.

Missy will also take on the all too busy Melissa Tyler’s 0600am Monday TABATA-BOXING class & run that in a more MMA / Boxing focused HIIT session. Missy will move the class between the boxing zone, functional zone & the main group fitness zone. All to say a fair bit of variety coming your way.

The amazing Angie Brooks is back on the instructor’s podium delivering two pure mat Pilates classes each & every week again. Angie very graciously stepped back into the breach & now offers you two of our three weekly pure mat Pilates classes. Something we missed since losing Fern Smyth to the Tuesday & Thursday morning pure mat Pilates slots. It is nice to once again be able to improve on the caliber of mind & body class that we deliver to you all.

Remember that Saturday morning GX Schedule has changed with Club Fiesta moving to the earlier slot of 0830am & Yoga also coming forward by an hour to 0930am. This way you all get your group fitness sessions done nice & early then out into the summer’s day.

A few changes to the club’s staffed hours on weekends, public holidays & over the Christmas / New Year celebration period. Please keep an eye out on social media & the main club entrance & door for staffed hours changes. With everyone having 24/7/365 fobs the club’s staffed hours now end at 1100am on public holidays, Saturdays & Sundays.

We have a new beauty therapist Maree Earnshaw in the main treatment room with Donna, our reflexologist & their joint clinic room now also offers enlightened beauty therapy. Take a look at Maree’s facebook page of  or her website & / or call Maree directly on 0402 263 554.

The engaging & lively Geeta still runs her busy Skin Asthetix treatment room in the adjacent clinic. You are spoiled for choice. Geeta’s booking line is 0477 357 899.

Merry Christmas & a Happy 2022,