Declan Pittway Member of the Quarter


Declan Pittway MVP in the Australian National La Crosse Championships.

A round of applause and congratulations to Mint Condition Athlete Declan Pittway. He came to Mint Condition just over a year ago and has since enhanced his athletic and sporting performance significantly.

Declan started here at healthy Life not having ever lifted weights before, had done no sprint training and had experienced very little plyometric training, while he had no care neither any idea on how to plan his dietary and nutritional intake to fuel himself in order to perform effectively and optimally so as to excel through to the La Crosse Australia National Team.

Over the last 12 months Declan completed his final year of school and while in school he trained both before and after each day’s classes, quite some effort. At the outset he had an extremely shaky start to his new training regime whereby he rarely finished a session without throwing up or feeling light headed.

However, once he followed Marshy’s set training program he improved immeasurably. With scheduled multiple disciplines Declan proved himself to be a determined athlete and success swiftly came his way.

He was able to push his training to the max competing with a variety of different athletes in training from AFL, Rugby League and Union, right through to cross fit, MMA and Muay-Thai, and even aspects of working with athletes from the Cirque Du Soleil, and now he has taken home MVP in the National Australian Championships while playing a vital role for the Western Australia Team who won the overall championships.

Declan is now into his pre – world championship training phase, we wish him luck at the worlds.