February 2012 Newsletter

Dear Members,
February has arrived & with it Dr Andrew Riddle’s new Chiropractic therapy room opening where the old spa used to be, a larger, smarter cooler room in which to heal you in. Andrew can still be booked in with on the same number 08 9403 3999.

Within the same treatment area is the wonderful Miss Alia’s Sports Therapy & Remedial Massage, probably the strongest pair of feminine hands you are every likely to go under the care of!

Alia is also a GFI for Free Spinning under the LeMond system & will eventually cover some classes here at HLFCH too, that said you would be well advised to try out her magical hands first; Alia can be reached via reception or directly on her mobile 0404 228 044.
Adjacent to Andrew our Chiropractor & his masseuse Alia is the brand new treatment room simply known as ‘The Beauty Room’ which has been established by Lizelle Van Wyk.

Liz will be offering every specialist service to all you lovely girls & ladies in the best possible conditions with the latest lotions, potions, gels & creams. In addition Liz has set out a range of men’s grooming services so you chaps can also get your metro-male bodyworks up to speed. Liz will open her new Ladies Beauty & Men’s Grooming room in the latter weeks of February.

All rooms have true reverse cycle air conditioning & so are probably the most comfortable rooms in the club to actually spend quality time in. Bookings with Liz can be made directly on her mobile 0414 887 919.

Really hope that you all make the most of the professionals onsite now & very much an integral part of your holistic health, fitness, conditioning, wellbeing & general feel-good-factor.

Chiropractor: 08 9403 3999 / Remedial Sports Massage: 0404 228 044

Ladies Beauty Therapy / Treatments & Gents Grooming: 041 488 7919

So, now that we have successfully rescued the Chiropractor from the noise pollution of the functional training zone & the thumping free weights upstairs it is at last time to transfer the Free Cycle Zone to a dedicated sealed Spinning room downstairs with true air conditioning. This will happen over the coming month & we look forward to opening the new dedicated Spinning Zone in March. The Spin Zone will have reverse cycle air conditioning, mood lighting, surround sound, stage & all the accoutrements expected to be found in a professionally constructed Spinning Zone.

The old make-do spinning zone that you manfully put up with for all those years upstairs will at long last become a part of the main gym area & will be an area dedicated to functional training on MARPO Kinetics, additional rope work, ball work, sandbag work, boxing, bag, focus pad & mitt work. So all in all a safer more professionally laid out zone for all the weird & wonderful exercises that we all like to get up to from time to time.

Lots of change as ever & we hope to keep ringing in the changes as much as we can because change means development & evolution both of which are essential in what just 12 months ago was one of the oldest, most neglected clubs I have ever seen.

Today we are on a fabulous journey into modern day, state of the art exercise prescription offered up in a fitness club that is focused on the latest trends & traits ensuring the very best conditioning programming in 2012 & beyond.

We aim to constantly upgrade, improve, develop & bring the latest equipment & training apparatus to your home-town gym all to ensure you continue to experience varied workouts & the most exciting forms of training so as to keep you on track.

Happy training,