February 2013 Newsletter

Hello February readers, not as humid as January thankfully & your increased exercise attendance in the club is certainly showing on the membership system. Probably has to do with school holidays ending as well but the warm yet more comfortable weather certainly helps I am sure. The exciting news in the GX Zone is the new Body step class on a Saturday morning with Sarah-Jane, had a cracking start to the new beginnings with near on 20 participants which is a great attendance for a first time class.

This particular stream of LM Body Step is being run by Sarah-Jane for the benefit of the majority those who want to be able to enjoy free-flowing, fun, vibrant moves at an intermediate to high level of exercise as opposed to some of the more purely high-intensity Body Step releases of recent times.

For those of you who may not know Sarah-Jane? She is a highly experienced & very well respected GFI from London where she taught in some of London’s marquee brand health clubs & spas like Cannons Club in the city. Sarah-Jane’s pedigree in the GX Zone sadly appears to be a rather well-kept secret here in Perth which we would like to now put out in the general club domain. Once you have attended one of Sarah-Jane’s BP, BS or other classes you will quickly want to come back for more, so give the Saturday 0830am Body Step followed by her highly active full on Body pump at 0930 on a Saturday a try, yes go for the double if you feel up to it.

There could be similar to follow in the 1830 slot on a Wednesday night where sadly we have to remove Body Attack which has apparently fallen out of favour with the masses. Leanne & her team are working on new options for the 1830 Wednesday evening slot so keep your eyes peeled for changes soon to arrive.

In the main gym we have had a full & comprehensive service of all the Life Fitness cardio-vascular equipment thanks to Gym Care & also some specific over-hauls of other units by I-Fix while the Spinning Zone has received its usual 4-monthly service & repair. In the functional zone we have received the 5 by Bulgarian Training Bags which are proving very useful tools for the martial artists amongst you & the core trainers as well as those just seeking something different. If unsure how to get the benefit out of the Bulgarian Bags ask a personal trainer or go to our facebook Healthy Life Fitness Centre Hillays (remember capital letters at the beginning of each word) & log onto the you tube link to Bulgarian Bag training programs. We also have the similar link for the 6 new soft weighted SMAI Balls that are divided between the abdominal zone & the functional training zone.

In general well-being & health great to have passed on our 300th Polar Heart rate monitor here in the club, seems more & more of you are ‘understanding’ that a Polar HR Monitor is the speedometer, fuel gauge & engine rev counter of your body when training – excellent progression & wonderful to see so many members using their PHM devices to such great ends.

Please do remember to ensure that you give yourself the best possible chance of achieving your goals by taking the time to personalise the setup of your Polar Heart Rate Monitor. Use the advanced (Gold Standard) Karvonen’s formula as per Zoladz method to calculate your various Target training Zones from fat burning at 60% minimum target right up to advanced / extreme cardio vascular training at 90%.

You can ensure the Polar heart rate monitor is bespoke in its set up & personal just to you by adding in critical information of your True Resting Pulse (basal resting pulse) which can only be obtained first thing in the morning upon waking up before you even move from the bed much less get up & have a drink, go to the loo or make a cup of tea / coffee etc. You need to take 3 – 6 early morning readings & then taking the median of those 6 readings as your true resting pulse.

Note that this true resting pulse will be somewhat lower than your perceived resting pulse throughout the day. In many cases it will be considerably lower so make the effort of getting the starting parameters to your very own advanced (Gold Standard) Karvonen’s target heart rate scale correct & accurate as possible.

Click on this link below & simply fill in your age, sex, true resting pulse & the formula will do the rest for you, providing you with scaled Fat Burning / Intermediate CV training / Advanced CV Training & intense / extreme CV training zones.


You will end up with 10 different break points that you can use in your target training zone. Only 6 break points are really useful to you as anything below 60% is not that advantageous in terms of training & physical improvements unless convalescing or rehabilitating one self.

So the percentages you need to take note of at Fat Burning Zone 60% – 70% Intermediate-High Intensity Training Zone 75% – 85% & Extreme Elite Training Zone 85% – 95%.

Any questions come & see one of the personal training team or the head of strength & conditioning.

Have a great month,