February 2016 Newsletter

February 2016 sees 4 new styles of classes being released into the Group Fitness (GX) Zone.

All 4 exciting, different, freestyle & open to all comers from Sandra Costigan’s diverse Dance – Fit on a Wednesday morning at 0915am through to Mel Watkin’s & Toni Chamberlain’s hard – core HIIT session on a Friday 0915am & Thursday 0600am. In-between those two extremes are Meta-Fit by Vanessa Green at 0915am Tuesdays & Tabata at 1830 Tuesdays by Faye, Denise & Vanessa.

Some clarification of the new formats for your Group Fitness Zone (GX Zone) sessions as well as your Group Personal Training (GPT) classes & not least your own workouts & any general training besides. They all come under the in-vogue terminology of HIT (High Intensity Training) & HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

The two most recently copyrighted, incorporated, trade-marked & / or licensed formats of HIT & HIIT that have been taken onboard by a majority of health clubs over the last 5 years are TABATA & Meta-Fit training systems. They really are simply derivatives of the long-standing military training systems of HIT & HIIT.

Tabata comes from Dr. Tabata who trialed 20 seconds of high intensity activity interspersed with 10 seconds of rest on multiple of 8 phased cycles. That meant his training cycles lasted 4 minutes each hence the 4-minute workout by Dr. Tabata came into being.

Interval training is as old as time memorial but variations of the theme are always popping up from various quarters & the likes of Tabata, Meta-Fit, Grit, BeFit, TRIBE & all the rest are simply patented, timed / cycled systems & / or pre-choreographed programs in some cases. In the case of Tabata it lends itself to being used as a modality on a bike, on a track or field in a GX Zone, on resistance systems, in a pool or wherever the trainer wishes to apply the Tabata training principles.

In our case we have some of your GFI team like Faye Perryman, Vanessa Green, Denise Mazurek delivering Tabata in the Cycle Zone & Group Fitness Zone with a dedicated Tabata based class on a Tuesday evening 1830 & partly incorporated in the Tuesday morning 0915 Meta-Fit class too.

Likewise, Metafit is a copyrighted course based on a 30 – minute training session of interval training program at various levels of intensity that has no pre-choreography but is functionally based in the exercises & movements that the session incorporates. All exercises, movements, cycles, phases, intensities, intervals are planned & delivered in accordance with the delivering Metafit instructor’s professional planning.

Metafit lends itself to one on one sessions, group sessions both in doors & outdoors & every certified GFI or PT can deliver a large range of Metafit derived classes on any terrain or in any facility that they see fit.

So the main Metafit session we have is the Tuesday morning 0915am session with Vanessa who also incorporates some Tabata based training into the session & extends the Metafit class from its standard format of a straight line 30 – minute program to a 45 – minute program. Again both Metafit & Tabata should be fun, varied, evolutionary & engaging for all participants.

Pure unadulterated hard-core HIIT & HIT sessions are delivered in the club GX Zone department on Thursday mornings at 0600 by Toni (Amanda – Kate PT) & Melanie Watkins in her Friday morning 0915am once termed Boot Camp session. Both classes are incredibly challenging incorporating all aspects of cross-training, boot camps, box-fit, circuit based, super-circuit based & military based training skills, techniques & styles. The modality of training is the broadest & will have something for everybody.

HIIT & HIT terminology has long since taken over mainstream fitness from the older terms Boots Camp, Circuits, Super Circuits & Cross – Training classes. That said the sessions are based on much the same principles.

Enjoy the 4 new classes of Dance – Fit, Meta-Fit, TABATA & HIIT & any questions just refer to our Group Fitness Manager Leanne Mansfield or the individual GFI’s mentioned in this newsletter.

Stay strong,