February 2022 Newsletter

Dear Members,

February newsletter is a few days late as we were waiting on a final information release as to the planned opening date of Goodlife Hillarys. That data would confirm our last day of service here at Healthy Life Fitness Centre. We have that advisory now & here is the full disclosure.

This is not your trusty old warhorse of a gym’s last hurrah; we will stay put into March 2022. We will continue to serve your health, fitness & wellbeing needs for at least an extra few weeks into March as matters stand. The powers that be say the end of March at the latest.

Sorry, we understood from Goodlife headquarters that your new Hillarys home would be up & running in late February 2022. They experts were certain nothing else could put a spanner in the works, not even the frustrating Covid19 delays. Alas, nobody factored in the monsoonal downpour that swept across South Australia in late January. See the related links below:



As luck would have it, key construction materials & components for your Goodlife Hillarys Club were onboard a railway carriage that was left stranded in deep floodwaters in South Australia. Those materials have had to be saved, transferred to road haulage & then diverted an extra few thousand kilometers north before swinging west & heading across to Perth. All to say, a likely 1 – 3 week delay in their arrival before they can be installed.

Onto happier news, your Healthy Life Fitness crew remain on tap & at your service & our facilities remain at your disposal 24/7/365. Not so wonderful is our having lost a few great team members pertaining to Covid-19 mandates. They, along with some wonderful members have had to take a time-out from the old club. We very much look forward to welcoming both groups of good people back into the fold as soon as restrictions ease & the situation becomes more all-inclusive.

The main Group Fitness schedule resumed on 1st February 2022 & so all your favourite classes are back. Please ensure that you make full use of all that is laid on for you & rebuild your bonds with each other & your favourite GFI’s.

Gareth Green launches his new Goodlife Kingsway Sunday morning RPM Cycle class on February 6th, so we have stopped our Sunday 0830am RPM Cycle as most of you will likely enjoy following the Green Machine over to pastures new. There are also extra cycle classes at Joondalup & Kingsway available to all of you.

We will remain at your service until the doors of your all-new Goodlife Hillarys are finally open & you all have access to every single West Australian Goodlife health club in the interim, so hopefully you do not feel stranded or left in limbo at all.

The staffed hours are slightly reduced again as per the website but that is simply because we do not sell memberships anymore as all new-joiners come through Goodlife & at the time we rescheduled the staffed hours we were under the instruction that we would be closing in mid-February when the new Goodlife opened.

Now it appears we will remain in-situ until early to mid-March & at the longest late March. Again, we are simply following the latest & best directives we are furnished with by Goodlife.

I hope that you all enjoy the full month of February as your penultimate month here & with luck March is only a partial month before you get to breeze into your modern reverse-cycle airconditioned, all new venue. Try to stay cool in the summer’s hottest month & keep up your dedication to your health, fitness & wellbeing journey.

Thank you & enjoy,