Healthy Life Fitness

A World of strength conditioning, cardio fitness and cross training options

Today we have a new focus – Total Body Conditioning – designed to help you make lifestyle changes that are sustainable in the real world and to enhance your personal fitness and conditioning levels. This is the optimum state of mind, body and spirit where good physical and mental health is achieved and maintained through proper and sustainable nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices. And it’s why we’re now called Healthy Life. We are not just about exercise, we believe in making you feel good in every aspect of your life. Healthy Life Fitness Centre – brings your body to life and ensures you achieve your goals in the optimal manner on the very latest state of the art strength, cardio and functional training equipment from the United States of America.

Club – Healthy Life Fitness Centre in Westfield’s Whitford City Shopping Centre Hillarys

Healthy Life Fitness Centre is a boutique owner – operated club that focuses on the latest traits and trends lending themselves to bespoke training programs within a well run facility offering state of the art exercise equipment and apparatus. The club is conveniently located in the grounds of Westfield Scentre Group’s Whitford City shopping centre in Hillarys, so that you have ample parking and the convenience of everything you need all in one location under the same roof.

With a new secondary emphasis on holistic treatments there is a team of expert remedial massage therapists at the Remedia Therapy Clinic who carry out all manner of medical, remedial, sports, athletic and soft-tissue treatments. Ivan Ahumada Gonzalez runs his remedial sports therapy clinic team offering their expert soft-tissue rehabilitation treatment and as a Certt III/IV PT Ivan also delivers training programs. When appropriate Ivan refers to external physiotherapist teams depending on his patient / client needs.

The club also has an external health sports science nutritionist in Sinead Smyth of naed-nutrition along with a team of body-building / sculpting, athletic, sports and conditioning coaches and personal trainers all of who concentrate on various aspects of body building, body sculpting and associated stage figure competition transformations. These services are all complimented by a range of strength and conditioning coaches and personal trainers too.

(Shop 63 adjacent to State Swim) Whitford City Shopping Centre – Corner Marmion Avenue & Banks Avenue, Hillarys WA 6025 MAP

Precor USA / Life Fitness – Hammer Strength / Free Motion Functional Training / Cybex VR2 Plate and Pin Loaded Systems / Marpo Kinetics

“An Elite Training Club Within A Club”

At Healthy Life Fitness Centre we appreciate that all people require something that little bit different from the next person, something bespoke of their own, something uniquely beneficial. Our newly refurbished and modernized gym facility lends itself to just such a service. The latest concept in elite training methods is great for all shapes, sizes, sexes and ages. All delivered on the very best marquee brands of USA manufactured equipment from household names such as Precor USA, Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Cybex International, Nautilus, Free Motion, Matrix, Ivanko, Marpo Kintetics and all monitored via POLAR Heart Rate telemetry systems.

It is an exciting new concept of training and conditioning combining wellness with extreme training techiniques that are able to be prescribed to girls, pre and post natal women as well as the aged right through to elite sports people. The various systems open to all members are vast and cover the entire spectrum of training options.

GX Group Exercise Fitness

We have over 50 group fitness classes a week encompassing free style GX sessions including Meta-Fit, HIIT, HIT, TABATA & pre-choreographed world famous Les Mills programs, including 3 levels / styles of fusion yoga, Barre Pilates, floor Pilates, Trigger Point, BlackRoll classes and of course virtually all the Les Mills programs; CX Worx, Body Balance, Body Pump, Body Combat, Sh’Bam, Body Step and RPM as well as Express RPM, so you are always motivated. We are the home of Hala Zygadlo & her inspirational Club Fiesta and Power Fiesta programs. All delivered from our GX Zone. Fit mums, HIIT, Box-Fit, MetaFit, TABATA, circuits and active 50’s classes are also just some of our other programs on offer. Click here for more info.

Cardiovascular Training

Our club is fully equipped with the very latest Life Fitness Cardiovascular equipment (20 of our newest Life Fitness stations added in August 2015) from the USA all offered in a mood lit CV zone. Cardiovascular benefits include improved lung function / capacity, weight loss, increase in fitness and increase in energy. We offer a ten channel TV choice on our cardio theatre system that facilitates individual tuning to audio-visual channels on offer to help your fat burning or more intense cardio work out fly by. Better yet, Healthy Life has no time restrictions on the use of any of its cardio equipment, so come in and take your time.

Dedicated Functional / Bumper Plate Grunge Training Zone

This ballistic work out area was a dual shared zone with a kids creche for many a year. It used to provide a child play zone 6 days a week for 3 hours a day in the mornings. However, during Covid19 in early 2020 it was advised that all & any child care post Covid19 must be in its own dedicated & separate area.

As such we took the decision to dispense with the creche services until we relocate into our new facilities now delayed until 2021.

The upside is that this 150 square meter area is now a dedicated 24/7/365 multi-functional, plyometric, ballistic, Olympic bumper plate, sledge run, suspension training, Kettle Bell zone.

Full of all the usual functional training toys such as: Bulgarian Wrestling Bags, Sand Bags, Power Bags, Core Bags, Power Bands, Thera-Bands, Black Roll & Trigger Point Rollers, Spin Bikes, Skipping Ropes, Kettle Bells, Olympic Plate Lifting, Battle Ropes, Torsinator, Plyometric Platforms, Chun Up Wall Bars, Slam Balls, Smash Balls, Medicine Balls, Busu balance ball, Fit Balls, Rip60, TRX, Crank Suspension Training, Barbells, Prowler Sledge & 12 meter Astroturf run.

A grunge dungeon zone for the best X-Training options you fancy having a go at.

Dedicated Stretch and Abdominal Zone

Adjacent to the cardio theatre is the Fit Ball abdominal and stretch zone also mood lit for gentle and relaxing warm downs and calmer abdominal work outs after your main training program is completed. In this relaxing Abdominal Stretch zone is also the rather unique and ultimate total body stretching cage from TRUE Fitness. The TRUE Fitness 4-D Stretch Cage.

Strength Conditioning and Power Training

We offer a comprehensive and fully equipped strength zone with the very latest PRECOR Discovery and Vitality plate loading and pin-loading ranges that arrived as recently as July 2015. Those 24 astounding stations have been added to our Cybex VR1 / VR2, Technogym pin loaded equipment and our Cybex, Maxim, Nautilus and Hammer Strength Olympic plate loading and free weight stations. All this made in the USA prime, hard-core steel is topped off with the very latest Free Motion / Ground Zero, Precor and Nautilus cable training systems for accurate functional training.

There is also dedicated power lifting area and apparatus including two Olympic lifting platforms and power racks / cages not to mention a torsonator from Cybex. For the super keen there is of course the ultimate rope training system by Marpo Kinetics, a military rope training series of stations that guarantees to combine strength, conditioning and cardio fitness simultaneously and burns 30% more calories than any other equipment in the process.

The new Cross Training suspension section has a 7.5 meter honeycomb beam with numerous Rip60’s hanging along with Bulgarian / Power and Sand bags. You will receive all the benefits of toning and tightening with our diverse range of strength training equipment. Studies have revealed the importance of strength training in our day to day lives, these include prevent disease such as Osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, increasing our lean body mass, increase metabolic rate and better yet, it helps in us aging gracefully! Our trainers can put together a full program utilizing our all of our strength pieces.

The addition of a newly dedicated Functional Training Zone is a huge bonus. This zone is filled with Plyometric platforms, Kettle Bells, Strongman Logs, Farmer’s Carry Logs, Olympic Bumper-Plate systems, Battle Ropes, Weighted Sledge, Bosu and Fit Balls amongst other exciting training apparatus. This downstairs area is a dual group PT Zone with a rubberised Power-Pit floor for soft landings. The rubber floor helps when it functions as the kids crèche 0845am – 1145am Monday to Saturday.

Boxing / MMA Systems

Boxing, MMA training equipment and classes. Great for cardiovascular and muscular endurance, our dedicated fight zone is always open to you and your grappling / striking mates. In addition the GX zone is set up so you can punch the bags or do some one-on-one focus pad and mitt work with our trainers. Fighting craft technique classes also available from our MMA instructors and all delivered in a professional 4.2 meter square Pro TITLE Boxing ring from the USA.

Healthy Life is now Perth’s first and only MARPO Kinetics and Free Motion Training Facility with a dedicated TITLE Fight Zone.

The key to this serious fitness and conditioning that specifically targets the wellness revolution is now available to Healthy Life members, exclusively through the use of Marpo Kinetics and Free Motion systems as well as the mainstream functional training / fight zone. They are state of the art systems that makes working out even more satisfying and more fun for you, as they allow you to experience and feel your progress even before you see it sculpt and hone your body. The two elite training systems allow you to get the very best out of each visit to the club and MK burns 30% more calories than any other form of training, in addition to the personal trainers that we expertly train to manage and monitor the systems themselves ensure you achieve the maximum results at all times.