Dedicated Functional / Bumper Plate Training Zone

Dedicated Functional / Bumper Plate Training Zone.

This ballistic work out area was a dual shared zone with a kids creche for many a year. It used to provide a child play zone 6 days a week for 3 hours a day in the mornings. However, during Covid19 in early 2020 it was advised that all & any child care post Covid19 must be in its own dedicated & separate area.

As such we took the decision to dispense with the creche services until we relocate into our new facilities now delayed until 2021.

The upside is that this 150 square meter area is now a dedicated 24/7/365 multi-functional, plyometric, ballistic, Olympic bumper plate, sledge run, suspension training, Kettle Bell zone.

Full of all the usual functional training toys such as: Bulgarian Wrestling Bags, Sand Bags, Power Bags, Core Bags, Power Bands, Thera-Bands, Black Roll & Trigger Point Rollers, Spin Bikes, Skipping Ropes, Kettle Bells, Olympic Plate Lifting, Battle Ropes, Torsinator, Plyometric Platforms, Chun Up Wall Bars, Slam Balls, Smash Balls, Medicine Balls, Busu balance ball, Fit Balls, Rip60, TRX, Crank Suspension Training, Barbells, Prowler Sledge & 12 meter Astroturf run.

A grunge dungeon zone for the best X-Training options you fancy having a go at.