Isabell Matthews – Members Focus

Isabelle Matthews is a wonderful example of a conditioned, fit, self-disciplined & healthy teen who commits herself to her overall health & wellbeing as much as she does to her all-important schoolwork. Healthy body helps Isabelle maintain a clear & healthy mind as she completes her final year at St. Marks School.

Isabelle advocates regular workouts & training sessions as part of her daily routine while at school. She says she has been an avid sportsgirl (dance, soccer, netball, athletics, cross-country touch rugby & AFL) ever since a young child & so stepping into a health club was just a natural next step when she wanted to hone her fitness further. A former sprinter & four-time all-girl’s athletics champion Isabelle was always going to get into a gym somewhere at some stage.

We are fortunate to be her preference of choice for a fitness venue & so we also host a small clutch of her associates, friends & peers who also workout with her in various groupings from time to time. Isabelle makes time to train before or after school using each session to different ends, be that to amp up & start the day right or wind down a little & destress of an evening.

Isabelle finds the gym great to refresh & refocus her mind as she studies for her year-12 ATAR’s. The gym helps her form an integral part of her work – life balance between family life, school & two part time jobs.

Prior to joining Healthy Life Fitness Centre Isabelle had not frequented gyms at all & instead had concentrated on all her outdoor, field sports & court-based sporting endeavours. Finally, she ventured into the gym with some school friends & steadily found her feet that way.

Evolving from a cardio-queen into the functional zone, then upstairs onto the Isokinetic equipment before ultimately gaining enough confidence to hit the Olympic Free Weights too.

Isabelle has gleaned a great deal of workout knowledge from her online research along with discussing modalities, veins & systems of training along with individual exercises amongst her friends & gym buddies. A wide range of training sessions keeps what she does fresh, challenging & engaging.

Isabelle also consulted a family friend who is a PT who gave her many cues & tips along with a solid foundation to grow from. HLFCH PT Bryce also shared a few top tips.

An example of a typical week’s workouts would be; Monday: Chest & triceps, Tuesday: Glute focused, Wednesday: Back, Thursday: Glutes & hamstrings, Friday: Rest day, Saturday: Shoulders & biceps, Sunday: Glute focused. Fits in cardio & core most sessions as she does stretch routines. Isabelle says she now understands the importance of compound movements & where to place them in her workout, followed by isolation exercise movements.

Isabelle keeps changing her gym-goals, but one focus is a healthy lifestyle, study, work balance which her gyms sessions assist her with. She also enjoys sharing her knowledge & fitness journey with friends & family as she gains ever more experience & confidence in the gym.