January 2012 Newsletter

Happy New Year Healthy Life,

Twelve months on this old club with its legions of loyal long time members & the new joiners are all part of a completely new chapter. The club is looking a whole lot brighter but thankfully with the same trusty old soul & spirit that is the very essence of Healthy Life Fitness Centre.

Yes, all the crew hope that you like the alterations, from the essential refurbishment to more elective improvements & most significantly the entire upgrade of the resistance, strength & conditioning equipment & most of the cardiovascular equipment; of course in conjunction with the new cardio theatre. All cooled by the refurbished A/C throughout the workout zones. Mood lighting seems to have been met with positive feedback so the old fabric of the building although not changed in its’ integrity is painted, shored up & then washed with a softer hue of colour to bury the 1970’s starkness that previously glared so obtusely at you as you trained.

There is plenty more to come & I do appreciate the excitement, enthusiasm & positively upbeat vibe all the sweeping changes have been met with by the vast majority of members. Indeed there are certain aspects of the alterations, modus operandi & general upgrade that have doubtless caused concern & even consternation at times, after all change is always met with indifference at best. However, I just want you to know that every change we make to the facilities, the services, the design, the layout, the equipment & the product at large are all aimed at making your workouts, your visits & your leisure time more enjoyable & more rewarding in every aspect.

Sometimes health & safety in alliance with best practice just have to take precedence over old habits, it is the way of this modern world & Australia’s governance are no exception. I suppose the best way to look at the less palatable OH&S changes is to take them for what they are & understand that they are in place for the greater good of all. Ultimately we are all here to get healthier, fitter, stronger or whatever adjective we choose; so long as they make you all as individuals & as a club membership happier, well, we will have succeeded.

2012 will be as exciting & ever upward as 2011 was, the team will continue to focus on your happiness in your hometown club, we will continue to aim to retain the family friendly feel while seeking to bring the club into line with cutting edge training systems & techniques delivered on state of the art equipment. All in good time & I hope that you remain with us on the journey while bringing family, friends, colleagues & acquaintances to share in the fun along the way.

Wishing you a fantastic year ahead,