January 2013 Newsletter

Happy New Year Everyone,

And so into 2013 we stride, the last two digits of this coming year sound somewhat ominous but I am sure that 2013 will be another exciting adventure into the future for you all.

The myth of the number 13 not being the best of luck is just that, a myth. Positive mental attitude combined with endeavour & self-belief will carry you a long way, so keep your thought process as optimistic & logical as it would be when welcoming in any New Year. Do that & I am sure happiness & fulfilment will be each of yours to behold.

The entire Healthy Life team wish you every success & happiness in the coming year. We hope that we can continue play our part in your well-being & revitalisation program thus helping to ensure your mind & body remain in the best of health throughout the coming year.

We pledge to continue to take this longstanding club forward & our ambition is as ever, to constantly & consistently strive towards improvement in every aspect & facet of club service to you all. As in 2012 we hope to bring in yet more & exciting equipment to keep increasing the variety of apparatus available to you as a member base. We will also add new programming & with luck further class options too.

New Year’s resolutions & pledges? We all make them as the midnight clock strikes the hour & for the most part we have all forgotten those same idealistic annual resolutions come the end of the first day of this New Year. Perhaps if we made our resolutions a tad more realistic, somewhat more tangible & so reachable we could actually achieve our well-intentioned objectives.

I won’t even try to address the achievability of our more significant or personal pledges that we all make but will try & address those that may relate to your well-being in the club & those Healthy Life may be able to be a springboard for or at least provide some assistance with.

When it comes to training, working out, exercise & nutrition in general try to keep the changes modest & the objectives achievable in small & reachable tiers. In other words best not to make huge statements of intent to oneself like a strict Atkins or a Pritiken diet or even the newest fad diets like the ‘do-can’ or ‘soup’ diets.

The same can be said of overreaching by pledging that you will carry out certain levels of intensity or levels of training regimes on all 7 days of every week.

It would be far better to make mental notes on a broader spectrum & general intentions to oneself & to know that you will have a phased approach to those same goals. Perhaps place them in written or IT friendly pop-up notes to yourself that you can tick off as you attain each one or track & mark as you slowly tread your pledged path.

Part of the secret to a successful plan ref. health, fitness & well-being resolutions is realising that it is a journey & each track mapped out by each person is a steady & ever-improving pathway to one’s planned destination. In light of such well-intentioned efforts it could well be worth your while consulting any of the dozen or so personal trainers (PT’s) on hand.

The PT’s are the professionals in planning, designing, mapping & tracking well-being programs for groups & individuals. If your regime includes a large element of GX (group fitness) best to choose a dual focused or GX based personal trainer. Most of the PT’s have a good understanding of GX but clearly some will have greater expertise in this area than others.

In general, try to keep your programs varied & ensure there is a good mixture of intensity, focus, techniques, skills & styles. This ensures you keep shocking & challenging the body while stimulating the mind.

The variables of each program are infinite & the variety, styles of training are vast as you well know. All I’d suggest you consider is to seek professional assistance to structure your 2013 campaign. This is even more important if you find that you are simply staring into an open abyss when it comes the actual details of your well-being program for the coming year.

If on the other hand you have a good handle on what it is you wish to achieve & how you will get there just remember to let us know how we can assist & play our part. If I or any of my team can be of any help, you know where we all are.

Happy 2013 one & all,