January 2015 Newsletter

Dear Members,

Happy New Year to you & your families, we all take this opportunity to wish you a wonderfully healthy 2015 in the coming year.

Hopefully you will have noticed a number of improvements in the club over the festive season, not least the 200 odd brand new Olympic Free-Weight discs with easy-grip handles.

Some 2,500 kilograms or two & a half tons of weight should guarantee nobody is ever waiting for a weight plate, not ever. We have also added 4 new 750 Kilogram rated Olympic Bars along with 6 new American heavy-duty Power Bags & of course the 350 Kilograms of Bumper Weights in the dual crèche – functional zone.

All in all you should be ripping out the strength & conditioning programs in the New Year, with no waiting time whatsoever for weight plates, extra loads or Olympic bars etc.

Diverse Performance Personal Training taken over from Atlas Performance as of 1st January 2015 in the far consulting room adjacent to the Cardio Theatre zone. This is a new & exciting addition to the personal training service here, one that will see the DP PT’s in-situ & available for more than their predecessors who had very limited time onsite due to being spread too thin across other centres.

Diverse Performance is run by Marshy Mcardle & Oliver Healy & they have taken on Matt Bassoon as an associate personal trainer under their wing. Others will join their personal training team in due course. Oliver Healey also runs Ole Soccer Schools in & around Perth WA & is an accredited UEFA & FIFA football coach, so quite some accolade to hold those badges.

Sean Connelly has moved his own coaching services to a Cross-Fit training centre in Wangara while his team have both moved on to their own personal training businesses.

Amanda Guile has branched out on her own here in Healthy Life, so like Brett Moore before her (now at Craigie Leisure), Amanda too has spread her wings & gone it alone. Amanda now personal trains here in your club under her own marquee Amanda-Kate Personal Training & can be booked with directly.

The festive season group fitness schedule remains popular with fewer but fuller classes which is nice to see. The GX Zone returns to full service & a full schedule of classes on Monday the 12th of January though Thursday’s Functional Mobility will not recommence until the first Thursday in February 2015 when Kristin Marvin returns from her working trip to the USA.

Our Cycle Zone that delivers RPM & Freestyle Spin / Cycle classes remains popular in most classes but others, namely the evening classes at 1830 have fallen away badly & as a result we are making changes to the cycle program as of 12th January 2015. We are cancelling the Thursday 1830 & the Tuesday 0915am cycle classes due to a lack of following, in reality we could have cut all evening classes as all are poorly attended but we will make one last attempt to launch them in 2015. The new cycle program is as follows:

9 set Cycle Classes starting Jan 2015: Mon 0915 & 1800 / Tue 0600 / Wed 0915 & 1800 / Thu 0915 / Fri 0600 / Sat 0800 / Sun 0830.

So the remaining two evening cycle classes on Monday & Wednesday are now moved to the earlier time slot of 1800. Tuesday morning at 0915 has been canned & you should move over & into the Monday, Wednesday or Thursday 0915 cycle classes. Please note that the Thursday 0915 am cycle class is next on the radar unless numbers improve dramatically.

That said, onwards & upwards through 2015 as the club moves from strength to strength in general terms.

Happy New Year,