January 2016 Newsletter

Happy New Year to all our members & wishing you all a tremendously healthy, exercise filled, safe & exciting 2016.

Hope that you all had a wonderful festive season this Christmas & that you all indulged while managing to slip into the gym during any of our 24/7/365 hours; to counter the festive wine & fine dining of the season. If not, well there is no time like the present & January 2016 sees the club back to full scale service for you all.

There are as ever many engaging additions that will flow into your club throughout the year & as you know we always create evolution mixed in with a little revolution & change, so be ready for the usual expansive & evolutionary year ahead.

Hope that you have all located the new seated pin-loading Lateral Raise that finally arrived in mid-December. A strength station that is vital for all round shoulder strengthening. This scientifically designed isokinetic station that only took 6 odd months to arrive from across the ocean is finally here & at your disposal along with some new Olympic Power Lifting Bars that take 1,000 kilograms each before they even bend or bow.

The tapered group fitness schedule ends on 17th January 2016 but sadly we have had to remove the elite & high-energy Body Combat series of Les Mills group fitness sessions. Sadly there appears to be a minimal member participation & low member demand in spite of Dale, Shelia, Anna, Leanne & other GFI’s amazingly energized & revved up delivery. So the Thursday 1830 BC will be removed immediately & no class will replace that much neglected time slot.

The Tuesday 1830 BC will remain on in the caretaking hands of Shelia & Anna until Leanne finds a suitable alternative like Meta-Fit or TABATA or similar. Time will tell. The Wednesday 0915am BC will become a Sandra Costigan wild, wonderful & turbo charged high energy dance session that will work your socks off.

So, those ladies looking for calorie burning while having an absolutely wild, whacky & crazily fun time should jump on into one of the lively Sandra Costigan dance – fitness classes which promises some very saucy & salacious moves for those with good hip movement.

The remainder of the group fitness schedule remains as per 2015 with all your favourite GFI’s on hand to keep you in the best of shape. Of course those of you seeking to cut, tone, shape, shed & change their physiques will be powered onto their set goals by our experienced GFI team in the GX Zone & the PT’s in the main conditioning areas.

If scientifically monitoring or driving your conditioning program then you will all need a Polar heart rate monitor with your various target training zones clearly defined by your PT’s or GFI’s. Take advantage of the club’s uniquely cost-priced sale of the very latest Polar Heart rate models including the new Polar Loops.

With more members taking up the popular 24/7/365 access it is to everyone’s advantage to participate in this access all hours service & we encourage all members to create the ultimate freedom in their workout world by seeing the membership consultant team as to how to optimally get yourself across that 24/7/365 start line.

Do remember to ask for a free guest pass for family, friends, colleagues or mates that may want to trial the club with you or that you may wish to bring in as your future training buddies. Again just see the membership consultants & they will happily issue you with the free passes subject to a few conditions.

Happy 2016, stay fit & be happy.