January 2017 Newsletter

Happy New Year for 2017, may this year be your year!

Hope those of you wanting 7-days a week access 24 hours a day managed to upgrade your memberships before the Christmas break & that you all enjoyed the quiet gym floor over those festive days.

January is the big Christmas Holiday season so we have as usual tapered the Group Fitness class schedule for you, so as to ensure the classes we do run are fuller with more atmosphere & a great workout vibe with more of you in them.

That said, this year we have increased the number of classes across the tri-phased tapered GX program & we hope that you make the most of the increased schedule. Please do attend the classes if they are your ‘thing’ as next year’s tapered GX Zone schedule will to a certain extent be based on how successful this fuller more comprehensive schedule runs this year.

If the member uptake is poor & low as it has been in recent festive seasons we would be pressured into reducing the 2017/18 schedule back to that of recent years. This 2016/17 has been bumped up & increased due to the phenomenal increase in group fitness attendance since June 2016 this year.

Class participants are up by an average of 368 participants per calendar month across the group fitness schedule in its entirety which is tremendous news to hear & great for all to see. It means that the newly revitalized group fitness schedule is working, that your GFM is meeting your member demands & that your individual GFI’s are delivering what you as members want. Well done on being such a dedicated set of GX fanatics & long may your enthusiasm continue. Hope it carries on over the festive break too.

The gym zones remain busy as ever, please do remember that NO farmer walks, travelling lunges, travelling kettle bell work or other motion-based weight work is permitted along the main gym floors at all, especially up & down the gym corridor to the GX Zone & stairs.

Any such work should be done in the Dual Functional / Crèche zone or the dedicated Functional MMA zone only please. Power lifting & Olympic bumper plate work must only be carried out in the lower ground floor concrete based, rubber padded Dual Functional / Crèche zone please.

Many thanks, wishing all our members & their families a wonderful festive season & a happy 2017.