January 2019 Newsletter

January 2019 sees the club delivering a more complete if not still tapered GX Zone schedule as is the case in every festive season holiday. That said we are offering a far more comprehensive range than in previous years & we hope that you enjoy the array of GX classes.

Christmas & New Year’s passed with a higher than usual attendance which is always nice to see, likely the fact we are 24/7/365 enabled more of you to filter in through the club at your leisure rather than during the shortened staffed hours & no access outside those times.

This is the year of the big relocation, having been homed here at Unit 63 at Whitford City Shopping Centre we are at last on track for the big relocation to our new home & your new base inside the main shopping mall in a brand new, all bells & whistles facility. We will keep you posted as developments take place. Should be an exciting year for you all as we target the big move.

You may have noticed the new blood in the Group Fitness team & doubtless benefitted from the three new Yogis as well as the buoyant & extrovert GFIs on board. In particular big thanks to Charlotte Ludik for her infectious live-wire enthused group fitness instructing over the festive season & her short-notice covers.

Our new Yogis Odette Richards, Jessica Mitchard & Cherri Cordeiro are doing a wonderful job of warming & calming your chakras in the mind & body programs, hats off to those Yogis for stepping into the team.

Ali Austin has already led the peloton in the cycle zone & will doubtless be more at the front of the class as the year draws on. Shona Richards should be able to join the elite cycle instructor team sometime in early 2019 & so you will have another crew member on board to increase the diversity of cycle instructors.

Have a happy, healthy, fit & wonderful 2019.