January 2022 Newsletter

Happy New year everyone,

Stating the obvious, we wish you all a year of FREEDOM & unrestricted living or as close to that goal as we can all reasonably wish for in 2022.  Hoping that such freedoms include elementary aspects of life such as keeping your local gym OPEN 24/7/365.

January 2022 should be your final full calendar month in the old warhorse of a gym here at Shop 63.

This time it really ought to be on target & worst-case scenario we might roll to the end of February or into the first week of March 2022, but certainly one would like to think no later than that.

I appreciate that you have all read such statements of intent from Healthy Life & Goodlife previously but having walked the new build inside the main mall, I can see the genuine development & progress.

Your soon to open Goodlife Hillarys Club is absolutely on track for the Goodlife stated late February 2022 grand opening. I certainly feel more confident in writing that this time, we should be right & at long last your much anticipated relocation will transpire.

Our trusty old club’s doors will remain open & welcoming until after we have opened the all-new exciting, state of the art Goodlife facility some 500 meters away. At no time will you be without a club to exercise in, in fact you may even have a day or two of two clubs to rotate between.

Of course, your concluding fortnightly Friday HLFCH Direct Debits will synchronize with the new weekly Thursday Goodlife Direct Debit.

Between Goodlife & Healthy Life we will ensure that there is no overlap. If matters go to plan, then your final HLFCH direct debit will be on Friday 11th February 2022 & your first Goodlife Direct Debit on Thursday 24th February 2022. That is the targeted plan by all parties.

The Group Fitness class schedule will roll across almost class for class, with some variation on stream & style but the time slots are as is, so I have been advised. There is also the addition of the Reformer Pilates studio for those of you whom have opted for BLACK memberships. Those Reformer Pilates classes will be plentiful & immensely beneficial to you all.

As Donna France your new Goodlife Hillarys GFM gets to review the various classes she will address, adjust & improve the schedule as she feels is optimal. Many of you will remember Donna France from before my time here at Healthy Life Fitness & Donna knows the club, the vibe & the character of the member base here. All to say you are in wonderfully experienced & capable hands.

Remember that the cycle zone does not move over with the other services & the closest cycle studios open to our dedicated cycle fiends are Joondalup & Kingsway. You will feel very at home in both venues as Joely Van Lelyveld is the GFM at Joondalup while Sam Byers & Donna France look after Goodlife Kingsway. So again, you will see familiar Healthy Life Fitness Centre GFI faces in the two closest sister Goodlife clubs.

As we stride through January 2022, we will complete the festive season’s tapered group fitness classes which are on all our social media, website, intranet & reception desk. Please familiarize yourself with the changes.

On 1st February 2022 we revert to the standard Group Fitness schedule for the remainder of our days here in this club. The plan is for the new Goodlife Club doors to open around about 24th February 2022. I will update you all on February newsletter, which hopefully be my last one here for you all at Healthy Life Fitness Centre.

Thursday evening’s 1900 Yoga finally switches back to a popular Body Balance with Charles Song. The new mind & body stream commences Thursday 13th January 2022 with Charles’ first evening Body Balance. Hope that you all enjoy the fusion of Pilates, Yoga & Tai-Chi every Thursday evening.

See you all for your regular workouts in the new year & rest assured the Healthy Life Fitness Centre team & I will keep you up to date with all developments, changes & the minutia of all & any aspects of the transition to Goodlife Hillarys that affect you.

Happy 2022.