Jessica’s Journey


Jessica Maher joined the gym in January 2013 because she said that she wanted to get fit & lose some serious weight. But she knew the significance of losing weight in a healthy way rather than on a starvation diet. She explained that she wanted to make a permanent change to her body & her lifestyle & not just attain quick results which wouldn’t last beyond the next social binge of festivities.

Jessica’s life is typical of many active school or varsity leavers whereby they go from regularly playing sport & having an active adolescent & early twenties life to being in an office all day & falling into bad habits of not exercising enough & not eating the right foods due to being time poor.

Jessica decided to get a personal trainer to kick start her newly planned regime & to ensure that she remained motivated with different ideas on how to spend her time productively when in the gym. Jessica wanted to ensure that she wouldn’t get bored & most importantly that she would not give up. Jessica read through the bios at the club & selected Mel Watkins who she says has been a constant source of motivation, support & encouragement for her & inspires her to keep going & achieve results that they jointly set in various phases of Jessica’s well-being program.

Since joining the gym Jessica has shed an impressive 30 Kg & she feels much fitter & healthier while she still wants to continue on with her original goals of getting healthier & losing weight. After a year of hard yards under Mel’s twice or thrice weekly guidance she feels like she is getting back to the person she used to be & she doesn’t feel as restricted in the things she can do. Starting this journey Jessica says that she knew it wouldn’t be the easiest thing to do but it has been the most rewarding achievement of hers so far.

With a passion for international travelling Jessica feels in great shape to hit the overseas travel roads again sometime in the near future. Meantime Jessica daily hits the gym for GX classes, Mel’s PT sessions or her own gym sessions that have been designed by Mel for her.

Congratulations Jessica, awesome results that show us all that anything can be achieved with the right PMA (positive mental attitude) & determination.