Jodie Doble – Member Focus

Member Focus.

Jodie Doble is Viking’s wife, as in big Darryn who also lifts steel here at HLFCH. The couple strike quite the image as they put themselves through their paces in the gym on a daily basis. Jodie is a qualified Cert4 PT in her own right from many years ago.

Jodie has always stuck with hairdressing as a career & instead of coaching & training others in a gym she puts her energy & focus into competing on stage in body building & sculpting which all began in 2015. Jodie started out doing bikini amateur stage shows & in her first IFBB show in 2015 she did well but did not manage to get a podium placing.

Jodie’s second event later that same year she won herself a podium finish & has never really been out the medals since. That second show was an IFBB O’Mara 2015 competition where she came second in the bikini open.  Then in an IFBB O’Mara 2016 she won first place in the bikini category.

Later at the IFBB Pro League Arnold’s Classic in Melbourne in 2016 Jodie placed top ten in open bikini category. Jodie then moved into the figure category after this event.

In her next IFBB 2017 figure she didn’t get an official placing but soon afterwards Jodie entered the IFBB Pro League (JLC) 2019 & placed second in novice figure & placed second in figure open.

In the IFBB O’Mara in 2019 Jodie earned first place in the figure open & an impressive second place overall.

Most recently Jodie won the IFBB Pro League NPC / JLC (Josh Lenardivic classic ) in March 2020. Jodie placed first in the open figure with a brilliant first place overall in show. In the IFBB Pro league NPC, Arnold’s Pro Classic 2020 in Melbourne, placed first in open figure / second overall.

All the more remarkable is that Jodie has four children to look after & a hairdressing career to keep up with alongside her competitive training. Congratulations to Jodie on a stellar body sculpting career to date.