July 2016 Newsletter

In the depths of a wet & wintery WA weather cycle it is time to ready the club for a new refined & hopefully more compact & popularly attended GX Zone schedule. Less classes but more numbers in each of the classes on offer. That said we are also looking to introduce an extra Yoga session mid-week day times, so keep your eyes peeled.

Vanessa has been reviewing the GX Zones for two months of her first quarter as the newly appointed Group Fitness Manager & having looked at all the session numbers for the various classes she has already made some popular & significant changes to the GX class streams, styles & options in her first two months.

The next phase of the GX Zone restructure is to increase the number of participants in each class & so after 5 years of battling to get 20+ participants in three consecutive evening classes Monday to Thursday inclusive we are finally biting the bullet & restructuring the number of evening GX sessions.

The new GX Schedule will be two evening classes Monday to Thursday with an active / high energy class at 1800 every night followed by a mind & body class 1900 to 2000 while the two cycle classes will remain on Monday & Wednesday at 1800 to 1900 respectively.

Initially we will launch the new evening slots from Monday 1st August 2016 & each night’s classes will be as follows:

Monday 1800 Body Pump, 1900 Yoga / Tuesday 1800 TABATA, 1900 Pilates / Wednesday 1800 Body Pump, 1900 Yoga & Thursday will be 1800 Sh’Bam, 1900 Yoga.

The theory driving the changes being that instead of two active / high – energy classes every night with circa 12 to 25 participants in each, we will end up with a far more highly charged, higher energized & improved atmosphere session of 30 plus members in just the one active class.

That high energy class then followed by the usual mind & body session straight afterwards, so affording you the chance to hit your cardiovascular workout hard, then winding down with a more rejuvenating tranquil & recovery based mind & body session.

Of course those doing the 1800 cycle class will also have the opportunity to wind down & close their day off with the same relaxing 1900 to 2000 mind & body session.

On a sadder note we are very sorry to be losing the all-knowing & highly experienced exercise physiologist, kinesiologist, senior coach, master trainer & functional mobility guru Kristin Marvin whom along with her husband Kevin Penny (a fellow triathlete coach) are returning to Canada at the end of their Australian stint.

Kristin will be hugely missed by the club & her jovial jester & husband Kevin? Well, we will miss Kevin’s comedy while elite WA Triathletes & surf lifesaving WA will greatly miss Kevin’s coaching. A big thank you to Kristin & Kevin for being a part of Healthy Life family for the past few years & we all wish you both the very best of luck back in Canada.

As you know Shondelle Smith moved onto Lorna Jane sportswear management last month so we are down another smiling face & welcoming front of house team member. Shondelle had promised to come in & train but 30 days on we have not seen hide nor hair of the fitness fanatic. A little like the wonderful Jody Stuart whom we lost to a large corporate who was also to have trained here post her year plus of service. Maybe they will both show up in July?

We are happy to welcome in Layla El Masri as the new customer service manageress & Layla will be here full time to address your needs & wants as part of our front of house team. Jessica Napier is part of our marketing & reception team & may yet remain on as a more integral team member depending on circumstances.

Stay warm in July by working out hard here in the gym,