July 2020 Newsletter

Wintery July is usually a rather unwelcome month to start but since we are now in phase 4 of the WA post Covid19 roadmap with even fewer restrictions it is a very welcome month when compared to warmer April & May but with no gym access.

June the 27th saw the club have yet further eased restrictions & although social distancing remains in place during phase 4, you are no longer obliged to have your temperature taken upon entry, no longer do you have to don gloves for resistance training neither for equipment based GX classes.

Please remember that the rule of placing a large workout towel on all equipment when exercising remains firmly in place & likely will do throughout phase 5, phase 6 & ever after. As will the hygienic washing of hands & / or sanitizing them upon entering the club.

On July 17th 2020, WA will enter phase 5 of the WA roadmap & see even less restrictions if the state of WA manages to maintain its zero local community contagion & so open up even more. In terms of the fitness industry & your leisure time here in the club the mandated 2-meter square social distancing will also fall away. That means you can use all equipment, apparatus & stand as close as you like to whomever you wish. I think hugging & handshaking may even be permissible, or that might be phase 6 who knows?

In terms of group fitness your club maintains pole position of being the only club to have reopened back on 6th June with the full & complete GX schedule open & available to all-comers. Emma Murphy you new GFM has managed to recruit some fantastic new GFI’s onto the team here at HLFCH.

We very much welcome the wonderful fresh faces of Charlie Pu all the way from China as our latest mind & body presenter as well as an advanced Body Jam GFI, so he will smash out the rhythmic tunes for you all.  Charlie along with the very supple & sports science focused Georgina Fatharly who instructs across the spectrum of mind & body to high intensity functional sessions. Georgina hales from a competitive rhythmic gymnastics’ arena.

We also have the lively, extroverted Irish lass Leondra Corbett who is a Body Pumper as well as a HIIT GFI & on the bike she delivers RPM & freestyle cycle in addition to being another freestyle dancer & Zumba queen. The 4th exciting addition is the lovely Natasha Hennessy who is a trained Zumba Konga & Club Fiesta GFI so all about the rhythm & movement & an experienced Remedial Massage Therapist to boot. So, some very strong new additions to the GFI team for the GX & Cycle zone.

Saturday July 18th is, as above, phase 5 on our roadmap & eased Covid18 defence restriction, but that day is also Hala Zygadlo’s birthday. The club will celebrate Hala’s birthday with a mega Power Fiesta & Club Fiesta extravaganza accompanied by a Bongo-playing musician, so do make sure that you make it into the club to party along with Hala & her crew.

On Sunday 26th July 2020 from 1200 to 1600 Hala & Aggie are delivering a Club Fiesta workshop for instructors & wanna-be-instructors. You can reserve your places in advance by contacting Hala on her facebook, Instagram or mobile directly.

Please utilize the commercially fitted hand-sanitizer unit at the entrance of the club when entering & remember to clean those hands with the complimentary sanitizer before you exercise. Always use a large work out towel on all equipment & be mindful not to attend the gym if you are feeling run down, feverish or have a temperature. Most likely any fever will just be a common winter cold, but it is always good to be cautious.

Keep warm in July & see you when you next work out.