June 2012 Newsletter

Dear Members,

Winter is certainly here & in some respects that is a blessing as we still await the giant air-extractor’s powering up, which will finally happen this month. So we can be thankful for cool breezes & temperate climates during this winter phase. All the ducting is in & connected, filters all in bar the end nose cone & once operational the room will have 1 complete air exchange every 2-4 minutes depending on the fan speed selected.

The latest toy to arrive for you all is the 5 meter square boxing / grappling ring with its’ 40mm deep padded deck that sits upon a suspended wooden base 12 cm off the ground. This pro fight-training ring will undergo a complete face lift with new ring guards, padded rope sleeves, large corner pads, turn buckle covers, skirting wraps & eventually a new canvas to complete the inspirational look & motivate you all into the fight zone.

Until the final safety additions please do your pad work & focus mitt work in the ring with all due caution & refrain from rebounding off the ropes as they are purposefully loose until we have reinforced the corner poles with stanchions. Once these are in place you will be free to throw yourselves around the ring at will.

There will be a speed ball on an adjustable frame to the left of the ring, a floor to ceiling ball / hook punch & uppercut bag hung from a long boomed wall bar adjacent to the ring, a middle weight punch bag from a second wall hook over the ring & a third wall hook will have a tear-drop heavyweight bag hanging from it too. So you can punch, kick, box & pound your heart out in this new boxing / strike/ fight training zone.

Just do remember that from now on let’s keep all pad work, boxing, kicking, fighting techniques in the ring only. No fighting or fitness boxing techniques to be carried out anywhere else in the main gym zones. You are of course still most welcome to use the main group fitness studio to pound the boxing bags when there is no class in progress. Just pop in, hang your preferred bag up & strike away.

Also due in the functional training zone are the TRX & Rip60 Suspension Training frames which will both go up in June. The final piece in this jigsaw is the rubber matting across the entire area, again to be completed in June.

On the staffing front we are very proud to welcome 3 new & I must admit long awaited female Personal Trainers. We have suffered a shortage of ladies available to Personal Train in the main gym zones & now I am happy to announce we have not just one new female team member but three, a little like buses; none for ages then three come along together!

It is wonderful to have Kit Scott an Exercise Physiologist all the way from Scotland on team three days per week with her indomitable spirit, great enthusiasm & passion for Personal Training. Kit is also a Thai-Yoga Masseuse practitioner & will be available to treat people in the second therapy room by way of direct bookings with herself. Kit is contactable for Personal Training & her unique series of treatments on 0420511705.

Another new Personal Trainer on board is our own highly experienced, popular & all powerful fitness queen Mel Watkins who has at last freed up some of her busy schedule to open up her gym training & Personal Training skills to the members. Mel is also bookable directly on 0414806331.

As you probably already know both girls form part of our innovative Group Fitness Team, so you can meet them when attending classes & discuss Personal Training options afterwards if you so wish.

The third new girl on our team is Bec Charlwood who will be an in-house Personal Trainer / Gym Instructor much like the PT’s of old used to be here at Healthy Life before I came along. You can gain access to sessions with Bec by contacting her via our reception team who will book you in with Bec for an in-house induction / program / re-program / assessment or review.

The first 10 days in June will see us with the ever humorous Ashley in our midst but sadly on the 11th of June 2012 Ashley will be leaving us after just on a year boosting our membership growth & member care programs.

Ashley has been asked to join a new company outside the health & fitness industry. We would all like to thank Ashley for his time with us, wish him every success in his new role & hope to see him around the club for the odd workout from time to time.

Have a healthy June,