June 2016 Newsletter

I’ve heard a few members chatting about the classic body types; ectomorph, mesomorph & endomorph & how each person should workout according to their body type. Not entirely correct that there is a set modality & / or style of training for each body type to optimize the training methods chosen. Sure there are aspects of each type that would suggest some training goals will be more difficult to achieve than others but on balance each body type still works out across the spectrum of strength, conditioning, cardiovascular & stretching.

First of all we need to define the three basic body types.

People with an ectomorph body type tend to be slim & often on the taller side while remaining always lightweight & may find it hard to put on physical weight & bulk be that lean mass or otherwise. People with lightweight frames & low body fat may find they have real success in distance & endurance based sports such as fell-running, orienteering, bush walking, triathlon, half & full marathon running events.

It is important to keep your calorie count high as an ectomorph when working out, especially for endurance events, & slow release carbs are a good choice for ensuring your energy levels stay high as your body naturally burns energy much more quickly than average person.

To build up strength & increase muscle mass it is important to take things slowly & gradually if you have this body type & keep your strength focused training consistent.

Endomorph body types are heavier set, often more prone to higher body fat & generally carry more weight all round. This kind of physique is naturally more powerful than that of the ectomorph, genetically so.

Endomorphs lend themselves well to sports which rely on body weight brute force & power such as weight lifting, contact sports such as MMA, wrestling & power – athletic events like javelin, hammer, discus etc. Rugby league & union are great fits for the endomorph.

Building muscle mass is easier for endomorphs as is building fat stores but it is very easy to see those fat levels boosted & health problems occur like heart disease if an endomorph neglects their health. As endomorphs age if they don’t keep up their fitness regime problems are more likely to occur relating to obesity.

The third body type is an in-between as it were. So neither slim, light & lean neither rock solid with a tendency to put on excess weight. This body type is the mesomorph, sometimes described as the perfect athlete as mesomorphs have low body fat but also a muscular physique.

This kind of body lends itself very well to power & strength based pursuits including 100/200/400 meter sprints, sprint cycling, boxing, also weight & power lifting plus any explosive exercise really.

With natural power & little to no excess body fat, it is possible to excel in almost any sport the athlete chooses, so long as they apply themselves with the right commitment & training methods.

This kind of body type responds equally well to resistance & cardio training & this means you can choose to get involved with endurance events but also involved in heavy contact sports too. In fact, often described as the lucky few who apparently take to all sports naturally & with consummate ease.

In essence what the chatter in the gym should have been leaning towards is that Ectomorphs certainly have to put in a great deal more effort into gaining muscle mass, size, strength & generally bulking up & so would definitely need to focus on strength conditioning & be following a well-constructed resistance program while consuming high quality calories & feeding (fueling) their naturally lean & light framed body.

Endomorphs would genuinely need to watch the food types they ate, typically concentrate on cutting down on the fats & sugars plus processed foods while calorie counting to a greater extent than an Ectomorph. As an endomorph you would need to ensure that you balanced your cardiovascular & conditioning training with your power resistance work & make sure you always burn slightly more calories than you consume. You will indeed have a tendency to put on fat or at least lower quality weight & store fat which is all rather unfair but genetically programmed whether we like it or not.

The endomorph has every opportunity to have an elite athlete’s body just as mesomorph or even an ectomorph but aesthetically they will never look superbly lean, lithe, slim, light framed & marathon-esque or waif-like models. That would be completely fighting against the gene pool. So accept who we are & make the best of yourself within reasonable expectations.

To the fortunate mesomorph who is your natural athlete & natural looking low body fat holding Adonis or Godiva. Well they just have the gene pool on their side if that is what the gym junkie is looking for. But always remember they likely look at the ectomorph wishing they were like them or the endomorph who is often taller & so like them? The grass is always greener & we have the body we are genetically given but yes there are ways & methods of getting the best out of it, sculpting, shaping & honing it no matter the natural body type we are born with.

Feeling a little lost? That is what personal trainers are for so look on our website & pick the brains of any PT you like the sound of. Read their bios, understand their niche skills-set & ask for guidance; all are here to help.

Enjoy a great month of June training.