June 2021 Newsletter

Into June & we managed a clear run of remaining open 24/7 in the month of May, a nice change from February & April snap lockdowns, long may our luck here in West Australia last.

The Group Fitness Zone has seen the biggest changes over the last month & so buoyed going forward.

We have benefitted immensely from some incredibly strong & vibrant new GFI’s appearing in the club. We are ever so fortunate to have recruited the following GFI’s onto the team here in your club thanks to Angie Brooks & Joely van Lelyveld introducing them.

Welcome to the relaxing, elongating, body de-stressing Fiona Peacock who also instructs her Body Balance, Pilates & Yoga at a number of other WA clubs. Originally from the UK & incredibly skilled in her mind & body series of classes as many of you have already remarked.

Alongside Fiona on the mind & body team are Sarita Keppilae who originates from Finland by way of Byron Bay & a host of NSW Yoga Studios, concentrating on a Vinyasa Flow Yoga. So, this style of Yoga being delivered in the new Friday 1130am slot provides a great alternative to some of the variants we presently offer. As some of you will have experienced we also have another flexible Yogi exponent in Gianna Martino on our mind & body cover team too.

Also on the mind & body team but crossing over into the active classes sphere is the talented & very experienced Kym Hanley of Melbourne Victoria. Kym is a figure competitor in the strength zone & delivers Body Pump, RPM & Freestyle Cycle as well as a range of other high-energy active classes whilst also being an accomplished mind & body instructor with the Les Mills Body Balance stream & clinical as well as mat Pilates to add to her armoury.

It is great to welcome back the lively & well versed GFI Joely van Lelyveld who takes over her original 1015am Body Pump switching it back to a formal Les Mills Body Pump session. Joely has also kindly introduced other experienced GFI’s in Samantha Byres & Lisa Shearon who join your active class GFI team here in the club. Superb to have such strength in depth joining your team of fitness professionals.

By now many of you will have met the ever so helpful & vivacious Marian Raffaeli who is on our front desk as a membership consultant. Marian instructs dance & is a fitness fanatic herself & she joined our team in early May.

On Sunday 20th June Hala’s Club Fiesta crew will be delivering a Master Class for members & non-members alike as part of a Club Fiesta instructor’s program that she is rolling out. Anyone interested in participating in the instructor’s course or just as a master class participant should reach out to Hala on this link https://clubfiesta.com.au/

Public Holiday WA Day on 7th June see the usual 0800am – 1200 midday hours with 3 great GX classes in Charlotte’s Express Cycle / Black Roll followed by Kym’s Body Pump & then relax into a deep Yoga with Sandy as usual.

Anybody interested in pressing out push ups for mental health? Follow the links herewith please. https://youtu.be/gYffXfErT-k Pressing out the Press-Ups with Fitness Australia. Register yourself & Push-Up away for mental health Australia https://www.thepushupchallenge.com.au/register-participant 1st June to 25th June 2021.

I hope to have an update for you all on the buildings works of our new Goodlife Whitford City venue next month in July. Once firm data is received from the powers that be I will certainly pass that along to you & I hope that will be as early as July. Our targeted relocation month of September is still very much in the team’s telescopic sights with minimal hurdles in view.

Stay warm in this wintery June & keep training regularly,