Krystal ‘Kick-Ass’ Copely


Krystal ‘kick ass’ Copely is a 22 year old member with a heart of gold, we say a heart of gold as she is a nurse & anyone nursing has to have compassion & empathy.

That said she takes no prisoners when she works out & can all too often be seen lugging Sand Bags, swirling Bulgarian Wrestling Bags, heaving Power Bags or large Olympic discs about the various workout zones.

But most of all you will see her at her favourite place, the bar, no, not that bar, the Olympic Bar locked into the Power Rack where she demonstrates the art of ‘dropping deep squats’ to near perfection as she works her core, quads & gluteus maximums.

Krystal says she used to train just for aesthetics but having been a regular at HL since 2011 she also appreciates the buzz that she gets from the varied workouts; be they classic resistance & conditioning, boxing, Cross-Fit, HIIT or alternative functional strength training. All seem to create the all rewarding endorphin release & associated high.

Krystal maintains her enthusiasm by ensuring variety & entering the GX Zone to join the rest of the members in BP, BC, CX Worx & then mind & body programs like Yoga. She even goes into the Cycle Zone to smash out an RPM / Free Spin class or an occasional super circuit.

Krystal remarks that Cornelius her lucky other half likes the fact that she ‘acts like a lady but lifts like a boss’.  The two of them often train together when they can & if he is away with work Krystal grabs the next toughest looking chap in the gym & works them to a sweat to ensure that she pushes herself to her limits without easing off.

Krystal a great example of a high-energy, powerful & yet feminine figure who has a very healthy, broad-minded & fun approach to her fitness regime which is more like a lifestyle than anything else. If you want to tag along with Krystal, give her a shout, she is a friendly girl to work out with.

Keep up the great workouts Krystal – way to go.