March 2013 Newsletter

March is supposed to be our last sweltering month, so enjoy those beaches before the autumn sets in.

I seem to be getting quite a few questions on recommended ‘calorie’ intake these days, mostly from girls or women who have been given rather inaccurate information or baseless facts from dieting schools, clubs, friends or gleaning mystical misnomers from various online journals or magazines.

I will try & keep it as simple as I can & ask that you do not get too hung up on the calories consumed & rather focus of the quality of the calories you ingest & the right calorific intake in terms of nutritional value.

In brief if you are concentrating on calories & seeking answers, what I can suggest is that you take a look at one of the many Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) calculators available on the web.

Please stay away from the irresponsible dietary branded / marquee versions which always ‘under-calculate’ the necessary calories required. I won’t name the brands as you all know them but those large weight loss centres & national roll-out dietary weight loss programs / organisations are misleading & seeking to ensure you under calculate to encourage you to buy their specialised, tabulated calorific formulated products.

I can suggest a basic & well known provider of an un-manipulated ‘Harris Benedict Formula’ calculator on this URL from Muscle & Strength’s online readership page. I recommend that you use this calculator as a yardstick.

What I like about this BMR calculator is that it allows & encourages you to enter your exercise / energy expenditure ratio / level & so enables you to adjust the calorific uptake so as to allow for the level of exercise you participate in.

It does not take into account your ratio of lean body mass to fat but other than that this particular formulated calculator is more accurate than most.

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Very happy to welcome back the lovely Leesa Hodgson to our front of house team & she will be assisting in extra cover for equally lovely Laura Baines who is travelling into rural Australia to complete her ‘prac’ & work in education with those in the less privileged areas of this huge country – nice work Laura.

Seva Martin has a new 13 session group training program starting in April on Easter Monday, April 1st, so see him or reception for details of this new HIIT group PT session program.

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