March 2019 Newsletter

March is upon us & sees two new personal trainers getting stuck into the club from different but equally important angles.

Emma K Murphy is a hard core, dual functional, athletic, conditioning & performance focused coach. On the gentler side of exercising we are pleased to welcome in Angela Plummer who is on hand to ensure the more gym – shy, gentler exercising new club goers a safe & comprehensive entry to resistance training.

Both ladies are familiar with their preferred client range & both are apt at delivering their speciality ilk of training n commercial gym environments. To find out more about the two new Personal trainers please go to the club website & review their profiles in addition to their contacts.

We are also pleased to welcome back Seaneen Copeland a body transformation expert as well as an international body building & figure coach who is well regarded within the IFBB fraternity. Seaneen runs her own website & online coaching setup / services under the banner of Generation 24 Fit, a link to which is provided herewith

Seaneen has been with Healthy Life Fitness Centre since she arrived in Perth from Ireland 5 odd years ago. That said she has been based with Mike O’Mara’s IFBB professional body building setup for the last few years & only working out here with us at & delivering bespoke elite coaching sessions at Healthy Life Fitness.

So, it is great news that Seaneen has offered to once again run her body transformation programs, figure sculpting & body building training business as well as her unique ‘12 Steps To The Alter’ from within our four walls once again. You can also get Seaneen’s contacts from our website under personal trainer profiles section.

While on the subject of personal trainers the club’s personal trainer & group fitness manager Vanessa Green has again decided to make her coaching, training & fitness conditioning services available to members in the main gym. Vanessa is offering specialised SGPT (small group personal training) opportunities for 2 to 5 clients on shared sessions at bargain prices with maximum cost to benefit for all clients. This modality of small group personal training makes the personal training experience all the more affordable as well as more team like & motivational within your small group of clients. Vanessa’s profile can also be viewed on the club website under personal trainers.

That leads me onto the main group fitness zone within the club & our returning the evening sessions back to the more familiar 1800 active body session & the 1900 mind & body session. These two Monday to Thursday evening slots have again returned to the more usual time slots as of 1st February 2019. They have proven hugely popular & although we apologise to those of you who preferred the slightly earlier sessions we feel the majority are being better served with the usual service resumed. The same can be said for the Saturday group fitness classes which also reverted to the 0730am start time.

Wishing you all continued great training in March with our new personal trainers, reinvigorated personal trainers who have returned to the fold & of course the ever present highly active group fitness instructors.

Have a great month,