March 2021 Newsletter

It is the third month of 2021 already & the foreboding “Beware the Ides of March” (Idus Martiae), a saying from a date that precedes Christ, in fact 44th Century BC in Julius Caesar’s rule, comes to mind.

After all, it was just 12 months ago in 2020 when we all learned first-hand about lockdowns here in Perth WA & hopefully this March of 2021, we will have no such repeat events. The Ides of March actually refer to the first full moon in every calendar month & in March that was typically around the 13th to the 15th & what used to be the old Roman New Year before that was moved some 75 days earlier to January by the Roman Empire.

So, such a saying can actually be quite joyous & a date to look forward to, well if you are not called Julius Caesar anyway. We look forward to our mid-March as it brings us all closer to our 2021 relocation.

But enough Roman history & this March we find ourselves working diligently on our alliance with Goodlife Health Clubs & synchronizing that with the relocation of this trusty club into the main shopping center with Westfield Scentre Group. The two are intrinsically linked so we work mindfully towards both goals in unison with both organisations.

As & when the next step is taken, I will be sure to inform you all by social media, online via our website & with sings on the club reception. You won’t miss any aspect of the journey. I will also let everyone know the date we can all start working out in any Goodlife health Club as soon as that information is officially relayed to me.

In the interim the team & I are focusing on your daily health, fitness, conditioning & well-being in the here & now. Facilitating your optimal daily work out environment. Your team is always strengthening & refreshing, so we take this opportunity to welcome in Chloe Raven as one of our new Body balance & Cycle Zone GFI’s, you can read Chloe’s bio on the website under our GFI team section.

Andre Meyer is focusing on a senior management role in his mainline accountancy career which sadly means he has to temporarily step back from his permanent cycle classes, but thankfully Andre will remain on team as a covering cycle GFI for us here in the club.

Andre’s Tuesday 6am cycle is being taken over by the dynamic Melissa Tyler, while our long standing & popular Krista Allen will step into Andre’s 6pm Wednesday evening cycle class. Great that we have such strong GFI’s to take up the mantle.

Sue Macleod is heading back to the Northern Territory for a stint of work with her family & so will pass on her 0815am Tuesday Body Pump to the lively Kiera Davies who will run a freestyled Barbell / TABATA session for you all from mid to late March.

Our Satyam professional cleaning team will be moving their main full club clean back to the evenings from 1st March 2021. This means you will see the major daily clean taking place between 2030hrs & 2330hrs on weekdays. So less intrusive for the busy day time visitors. You will still see the APM equipment detailing going on in the mid-mornings.

All else remains nicely stable & on track to continue to deliver your expected level of service & fitness training when here with us. Let the team know how you are enjoying the music these days, hope you have noticed the zero-advertising over the last few months. If there are genres of music you would prefer at various times just let the receptionists know.

We are always looking to increase your enjoyment here in the club & we know that working out with friends & family is one of the biggest draw cards & a major contributor to a happy & fulfilling work out. So, if you require any free passes for family or friends, do not hesitate to ask for free 3-Day passes & we will happily oblige.

Have a great month of March & hope to have more news on our development for you in April & May.