March 2022 Newsletter

“Anerriphtho kybos or in English rather than in ancient Greek “let the die be cast” though Healthy Life Fitness Centre at Shop 63 uses this phrase with gratitude & goodwill to all past & present members & crew as well as all those new crew & members joining the all-new & exciting Goodlife Health Club Hillarys.

And so it comes to pass, at long last & finally after much to & frow “we cross the Rubicon!”

Unlike Julius Caesar in 49 BC when faced with the irrevocable act of crossing the River Rubicon out of Cisalpine Gaul & into Celtic lands with his troops; we make a similarly irrevocable decision, but with far happier consequences & lighter feel-good-factor for all.

We have finally reached that time to close the trusty old warhorse of a gym known as Healthy Life Fitness Centre & start afresh in the larger, modernised, plusher Goodlife Health Club Hillarys & under new ownership & new leadership from Goodlife Australia.

It has been a journey, almost lifetime & for many of you this has been your home gym’s four walls since 1978, others since the 1990’s & so on right up to newbies who have only joined this last month.

We all thank the building for standing strong for so many decades & the staff who have worked here over the last four plus decades & at least five ownerships including mine. Of course, most significantly we thank the members who have made this club the hometown, community spirited gym that it has always been.

That is the little bit of magic, that intangible ingredient that you all take from this trusty spit & sawdust gym into your new, swish, modern facility with an alluring future in fitness ahead for everyone. Would be nice to remember your earthy, humble beginnings & good gym culture in your new home too. That means please keep it military-neat as you did this mecca of training.

There have been a few changes in the group fitness zone schedule for March, so please take a look at the schedule online, at reception & on the board. We have added two new amazingly experienced WA GFI’s in Megan McKean & Dorothy Gaunt of Goodlife WA. Both ladies have been strutting the instructor podiums of WA for many years & are popular GFI’s in the Perth area.

Each have new double – slots on the schedule & you will love the freestyle step, core & ABT by Dorothy. Megan reintroduces a trial Body Attack here at HLFCH before we transition into Goodlife & it becomes permanent & likely fills up its 45-minutes of pulsating high energy aerobic action.

Your new Goodlife Club will likely be completed by mid-March, but we will remain at your disposal & delivering all services until the last day of March 2022. That said, the Group Fitness schedule may be tailored & tapered in the final week of March as many of you will already be inducted into the new club by then.

Soft entry staffed hours access & general inductions including into the renowned Goodlife patented ‘Refrom-Pilates’ zone on Reformer beds will all take place for transitioning HLFCH members during mid to late March. So, it is likely that you will have two facilities to rotate between from late March until the grand first full day of Goodlife Hillarys opening on April one 2022.

We will keep you updated with all changes & transition aspects as they unfold while any questions about your new club, membership & any subject relating to Goodlife should be addressed to the main customer care manager Miss Shanelle Erpen on Of course the new Goodlife club general manager Mr Steven Kelty, whom most of you have met, is also available in person or on his e mail

As mentioned previously your direct debits with factoring company Debit Success will interface & transition seamlessly with your final one week debiting for 50% of its’ usual fortnightly sum on Friday 25th March & then your new Goodlife weekly debit commencing one week later.

As to much of the gym equipment & training apparatus that has served you all so very well? You are most welcome to make an offer on the majority of these well maintained made in America pieces of quality kit.

All the spin bikes, all the cardio equipment except for the Concept II Rowers & Schwinn Air-Dyne Bikes are available to you, while all the dumbbells & free weights, Olympic bars along with Olympic benches & many isokinetic (pin-loaded) resistance machines are too.

Just e mail photos of what you want & offers to as Goodlife have asked me to redeploy the majority of their equipment that they will not reassign to other Goodlife facilities in the state of WA.

By the way, computers, screens, TV’s, CCTV, sound systems, clocks, fans, furniture, fixtures & fittings; the lot are all up for grabs just make an offer & we will process the pieces into your possession out from the Healthy Life Fitness Centre facility.

Thank you to all at Westfield Scentre Group for supporting us here in Healthy Life Fitness Centre while this old gym has been under my tenure. I for one genuinely appreciate your empathetic assistance & moral support throughout my 10+ years here, not least during Covid19 restrictions, lockdowns & lockouts.

Thank you too to TFLG East Coast directors & Goodlife senior management for ensuring a safe & seamless transition from Healthy Life into the newest family member of Goodlife.

Thank you too for assuring all our members a secure & comfortable future in your brand-new Goodlife Hillarys club with your dedicated West Coast Goodlife team. All are appreciative.

The last dance is upon us, enjoy your training, camaraderie & carry all your good energy over into the new Goodlife Hillarys at the end of the month.

It has been fun, a pleasure & I thank you as our members for hanging in with us as you have,