May 2015 Newsletter

What is the most precious gift of all on this planet? Well, each person will have their own answer to that age old question & everyone’s rationale will be different as well as personal to them & likely their families too.

However, one gift that is precious, that all of mankind can agree upon & likely all concur as being paramount to any other privilege or gift we all wish for ourselves is of course ‘TIME’. There is never enough time for everything we want to experience, savour, share, achieve in any given day, week, month, quarter or year & often there is seldom enough time that we consider as our own personal & free time.

Now, we are not declaring this little club can give you more time per-se, but in the month of May 2015, we are pleased to announce that we can open our doors to you for extended periods of time.

These new longer hours of service of both facilities & staff commenced this Sunday the 3rd of May 2015. We now open our doors from 0700am until 0500pm (1700) every Saturday & every Sunday in addition to on every public holiday.

We have also taken the decision to extend Friday hours to the same as the rest of the weekdays & so now remain open from 0530am until 0900pm (2100) every Friday.

These newly increased hours will afford you a leisurely Sunday followed by an afternoon workout which we know many of you have wanted for a while. So your weekends can now start with an early morning Saturday workout & end with a later afternoon Sunday workout.

This gift of time is due to be further enhanced as the club works as rapidly as possible to provide you access to this great little club 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This new 24/7 service will be available within 6 months at the outmost & hopefully a great deal sooner. We are working with Westfield Scentre Australia, the requisite security companies & the optimal builders to design, plan, alter & build the safest 24/7 health club we can create.

Once all the various aspects of plan, design & build are in order we will roll out the new opening times which will be every night & every day twenty four hours a day three hundred & sixty five days per year.

There will be no increased fees for those using the club 24/7 other than the purchasing of the security toggle & swipe card with biometrics that will interface with your membership card & our Gladstone MRM system.

So all peak / full membership holders will be able to purchase the toggle & swipe card for the extended hours here at the club. The cost of the toggle & biometric swipe card is presently unknown as we have not finalized the exact security system to interface with the G-MRM system. When we have, we will advise as to the purchase option of the necessary swipe in/out readers.

Those members on off peak memberships will remain restricted to the off peak hours that the club is staffed & serviced. Those hours likely to remain as is but if they alter we will advise in advance. However, off peak members will have the option of upgrading to peak & so gain their own 24/7 access too.

That is as close to a gift of ‘TIME’ as we can give you all & we hope that you enjoy it & make great use of the interim extended hours & eventually the exciting 24/7 access.

Have a great month of May,