May 2017 Newsletter

The month of May sees the newly refurbished Group Fitness Zone successfully in play after a tornado of a refurbishment by Carpet Court under expert fitters from Quantum; Kyle & Trent. Their industrious hard yards ensured that we whipped the GX Zone into shape in a staggering 24 hours of hard labour.

Plenty of you have remarked on the new supportive feel to the underlay & top layered high-traffic sports carpet. Kyle will be back in early May 2017 to replace the Abdominal Zone’s carpet too. All for additional member comfort as ever.

Reference the new edition we will now once again close that GX Zone off to general member use outside the formal structure of scheduled group fitness class sessions. This means that we cordially request that all members respect the GX Zone for what it is, a dedicated, sports-specific Group Fitness Zone & a such only accessible for set, rostered club Group Fitness Classes.

So, private solo training in this area is once again off limits. Please do respect the area’s unique purpose & kindly execute your functional & free-form training in the MMA Zone, Boxing Ring or the lower ground Dual Functional Training Zone.

This will ensure the A/C units, fans, lights, expensive stereo system in the GX Zone & the associated GX equipment like platforms, risers, Body Balance Bars, Thera-bands etc. are all safely left intact, undamaged & in pristine condition for the Group Fitness participants.

The Easter break was surprisingly busy with many of you taking part in a few classes which was great to see. The 24/7/365 access ensured a steady flow of members during the unstaffed hours too.

We have a new personal trainer Phillip Lourens joining the club PT team. Phillip hales from South Africa but has served in the Royal Australian Navy for 7 years as a navy diver & leading seaman. Phillip brings his Royal Australian Naval training, skills & qualities to the club gym floor & is available for programs, evaluations, assessments & personal training be that one on one, two on one or small group sessions. This all available under his own PT company name Impi Fitness. Phillip can be contacted on his mobile 0420 588 925 & of course from reception desk.

Remember, don’t just wish for results here at Healthy Life, work for them, in that vein please do check out Juan Pretorius’ Small Group Training sessions advertised on the club Facebook, a couple of large posters on various club signage too.

Lara Adlam has made a successful start onboard the membership consulting team & on our reception front desk so is at your service here alongside Layla & Rinna on our dedicated member care team.

Hope that you all managed to sign for & join the Healthy Life Fitness Ladies Warrior team on 29th April 2017 for the 2017 Miss Muddy event under team captain Vanessa Green this year? If you missed it, take a look at the photos of the team & their success on the club Facebook, again just another modality of training for you all to get stuck into. If there is enough interest then the Tough Mudder & Spartan events will be opened up to a Warrior team from the club too.

The Marpo Kinetic VMX ultimate rope unit has been traded out & the new Vector Marpo Kinetic unit will arrive in the first week of June. Unfortunately that leaves us without any Ultimate Rope stations for the month of May. That said absence makes the heart grow fonder so you will appreciate the brand new Marpo Vector unit when it arrives in early June 2017.

Have a fit & healthy month,