May 2018 Newsletter

The month of May brings good news & sees the club finally gain permission for a 3-month trial run of the grunge dual functional / creche zone to remain open & accessible 24/7/365 (out of staffed hours).

So those members seeking to exercise with bumper plates, slam balls, power balls, Bulgarian Wrestling bags & all the other functional toys in that area may now do so. They can do this in staffed hours as ever but also & more importantly during unstaffed hours which has long since been requested.

The original concern of the insurance brokers was the access / egress along with the zone’s description pertaining to the activities in that workout zone. As such we have had to alter a few aspects of the nature of the active zone as well as change the PIR security monitoring unit in there.

The onus on you all as members using this workout zone is to ensure that you return all functional equipment & bumper plates to their rightful stowage areas each work out. Please do not leave the zone dangerously laid out with essential equipment strewn about the workout zone. If this occurs we would be forced to once again lock the area during unstaffed hours.

Please ensure that none of the apparatus or equipment is removed from that dual functional / creche zone, neither should equipment from upstairs be taken down into that zone.

Your kind & considerate management of this potentially dangerous workout zone is much appreciated & part of the 3-month trial period being a success will be your using the zone safely, responsibly & in line with that which the insurers expect of the club & our duty of care.

1st May through to 31st July is the official trial period & subject to how safely & well-controlled the area is used & left after use the 3-month trial will hopefully lead to the zone becoming a permanently accessible fixture during unstaffed hours.

May is the final month of Saturday’s solo delivered Gareth Green-Machine RPM Extreme Cycle at 0800am & come 1st June the 0800am Saturday cycle will become the club’s first official team-taught Cycle Class. Vanessa Green (Gareth’s wife) will step up onto the podium with Gareth & the duo will team-instruct the 0800am RPM Extreme Cycle.

Amanda Kate Dick of AKLS is back in the club after having her first baby, so she will be seen in & around the club once again as she leads team AKLS with Kayla her lead coach. Amanda will also avail herself Monday for inductions & general programs.

Amy Lodge is joining the front of house team as a full-time membership consultant / receptionist & so will be at your service, 5 shifts a week from 1st of May. Layla El-Masri is returning to Ireland & so sadly departs the club after being with us for a few years. We all wish Layla & James Foreshaw her other half & long-term club member the very best back in the UK.

MetaFit Asia-Pacific have joined some of the other industry educators in selecting Healthy Life Fitness Centre as a venue for delivering instructor training. MetaFit master trainer led a successful MetaFit certification course here at the end of April 2018.

Have a great month & catch you in June.