May 2019 Newsletter

May is a chilly autumn month & granted not the ideal time to launch a new early morning Mind & Body Program. That said, where opportunity knocks, we have to open the door & you have to step on through that door.

Having offered a series of high intensity early morning small group personal training session of HIIT, boot camp & super circuits in the Thursday zero six-hundred-hour slot for nigh on a decade, change is upon us & welcomed. Change is good & should be embraced & we are taking the chance to introduce you to an all-important & to date never offered early morning Yoga.

Yoga invigorates ones’ body, awakens the mind & balances body & soul together. So, what better way to start your day than with a one-hour Yoga session in your local health club & once again for free, all within your great value membership.

This club’s group fitness membership base has erroneously only ever considered Yoga as a close of day, wind down the mind & the body evening class, when in reality, worldwide more people start their day with Yoga than end their day with Yoga.

Traditional Hindu philosophy & ancient doctrine teaches Yogis that they are actually supposed to practice Yoga between 4am & 6am daily! This to welcome in every new dawn & each new day in harmony between body & earth. So, our 6am start is actually rather refined & very civilised in terms of an early morning start.

Getting up can be a big call for some people, more so in winter when it is dark & chilly outside but let’s face it, our winters are nothing compared to the Northern Hemisphere winters & more akin to their summer mornings. So, let’s be grateful for our exceedingly mild Perth WA weather & take advantage of all that it affords us.

Morning Yoga classes have their own dedicated Yoga move actually called ‘Surya Namaskar’ (Sun Salutation), this series of moves is supposed to be done to the rising sun. So now we offer a dedicated early morning Yoga so that you can complete your ‘Surya Namaskar’ at the right time of the day.

Release that tension in your body, unclutter your mind, cleanse your soul with an early morning mind, body & soul Yoga session with Odette Richards. Odette will be running a restorative Yoga class to gently awaken your body, liven up your circulatory system & fill your mind with positive energy & gain that all-important feel-good-factor for the day ahead.

Garner the wonderful Yoga energy from your Yogi instructor who will radiate positive wholesome vibes & of course from your fellow Yoga practitioners also committing themselves to a mindful & body awakening Yoga-Start to their Thursdays.

Become part of a healthy early morning community with good spirit as you get to meet, mingle & share time with new morning members of similar values & mindset.

Odette Richards launches the club’s first ever early morning Yoga on Thursday 9th May 2019 at 0600am. Join her & other Yoga practitioners from the second Thursday of May 2019 onwards. Want to bring a friend or family member to trial the Yoga for free? Just ask Lara or Michelle for a free Yoga pass.

Namaste in your month of May filled with Namaskaram.