May 2020 Newsletter

Here we all are 6 weeks on from the unilateral decision of government mandated closures of all health clubs & fitness facilities in Australia. We enter the month of May but thanks to a unified & concerted effort headed up by Fitness Australia & International Health Racquets Sports Association we hope to be able to re-open in late May or late June here in WA.

The majority of members have also had their businesses, jobs, careers, education & lives in general adversely affected to varying degrees by this suppression model in play. Hope you are all keeping healthy, well & buoyant despite the testing times.

The debate as to which Covid19 defence model would have been optimal in terms of saving lives, preserving health, protecting the vulnerable & elderly will carry on for many a year. All depends on which set of globally renowned virologists, immunologists, epidemiologists or pandemic experts one chooses to concur with.

Deputy Head of the World Health Organisation epidemiologist Consultant Michael J. Ryan, M.D., Ph.D has latterly praised the approach by Sweden, an astounding turn of medical opinion after media misled the masses as to anything other than suppression failing, in other words suppression was the optimal & only way forward. Sweden’s own lead advisor Professor Johan Giesecke M.Sc., M.D., Ph.D., the State Epidemiologist from 1995 to 2005 & a former permanent World Health Organisation pandemic specialist & latterly a leading advisory board member to the World Health Organisation also confirmed Western suppression lockdowns had little to no scientific basis or evidence behind the model.

American medical virologist / immunologist operators of Urgent Care pathology testing centres in California Dr. Dan Erickson & Dr. Artin Massihi have been backed by billionaire Elon Musk as putting aspects of Covid19 into perspective despite many pandemic physicians disagreeing. Such controversial disagreement between experts will abound for years to come & we the people simply have to live with the consequences & make the best we can of the prevailing situation in our region.

All to say, that global discussion aside, what is not up for debate or argument is that every country in the world was confronted with a major medical crisis, which forced all governments to make incredibly difficult no-win decisions weighing up the various medical experts advised strategies & recommended defence models.

Whichever pathway each nation took, each would leave the powers that be facing a catastrophic economic conundrum.

Whether they followed the economically defensive, healthcare mitigation focused models as advocated by the likes of Professor Gigi Foster NSWU, Professor Alan Greenspan & Dr. Ben Bernanke (both former Chairmen of the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA) or the more conventional Western business closures & lockdowns costing trillions of dollars to the global economy there was always going to be a substantial cost to the Covid19 defence model.

Adopted somewhat in faith & hope rather than based on pandemic-mitigating scientific facts each path cost mankind in physical health, wellness, mental health, social welfare & financially.  With Australia reassuring the masses & appeasing the majority of the general public’s fear of the unknown that Covid19 potentially presented, well this left Australia all but closed. Thankfully for less time than most European nations & fortunately likely to re-open in the next 4 – 8 weeks.

So, as many members discovered in their professional lives, we too were placed into a mini crisis.

A moment of crisis has to be met with positivity, seen as an opportunity & made the best of. That is exactly what this old warhorse of a club did. Turned a crisis into an opportunity & avoided allowing the crisis to create a catastrophe for us. Instead we created the opportunity to reform & improve within our present establishment.

Doors forced closed & members & staff locked out plus the reality of our relocation being delayed for at least 6 to 12 months we decided to give the old club a decent facelift.

So between e-mails, letters, calls & audio-visual conferences with Federal,  WA State & City Of Joondalup  personnel, health departments, sports & recreation departments, small business departments, Fitness Australia, American College of Sports Medicine, International Health Racquets Sports Club Association we also worked in small 2 person teams refurbishing your club.

Amazingly we have managed to improve all zones in the club to one degree or another.

GX Zone, Functional Zone & Cycle Zone all completely repainted brightly & then artistically sprayed up by graffiti artist #Amuck37 who has done an amazingly diverse job.

The main gym zones have all been repainted & decorated along with the wooden floor repaired in 2 zones. Great work by helpful skilled members. Thank you to the silent stealth-teams that assisted on various days!

The gym equipment has been fully serviced & should be all the smoother upon your return too.

The TITLE Pro-boxing ring has had a second padded floor added so is even softer under foot now. A new speedball arrived for good measure too.

The reception area has also been spruced up & is now very silver & much improved minus the garish coloured chairs & some of the strange washed out colours in the entrance area for so long, all are now repainted silver.

The ladies & gents changing rooms have both had their awful dowdy 20 year old, grunge-green carpets removed. We have laid new carpet tiles with more HLFCH coloured silvers & blues. Not new but certainly an improvement & steam cleaned too. Showers re-grouted & new ablutions in the gents. Both changing rooms repainted & a new entrance wall into the gents along with resprayed gents lockers & loo area.

The club will have undergone two deep cleans by professional contract cleaners by the time we reopen. So, all should be in better condition to welcome you back, hopefully in late May or sometime in June 2020. Those possible dates according to Fitness Australia advisories that I receive every few days.

Unfortunately, one casualty of Covid19 will be the creche which was often all too quiet before Coronavirus hit Australia. Consequently, the creche will not reopen in our current shop 63 location but there will be a dedicated child’s play zone in the new club when we relocate in late 2021.

That dual creche / functional zone will now be a dedicated 24/7/365 Functional Dungeon Zone.

Any outstanding & unexpired, unused creche packs will be credited to membership or refunded into member accounts as each creche pack holder wishes.

The GX Zone class schedule will recommence on the slightly reduce Covid19 schedule that had just started on 23rd March 2020 when all clubs were closed.

As new information arises, we will inform you all via usual social media platforms & on the club website.

Meantime we hope that you are all enjoying the 3 to 5 home-style HIIT, TABATA, GX, Cycle & Mind & Body classes the vibrant fitness team deliver online to you & best of all free of charge.

Hope to be able to welcome you back in late May or perhaps June depending on what the WA State government decree.

Keep healthy & well,