Melonie Brown IFBB Champion (Multiple Times)

Mel has been training at Healthy Life Fitness Centre for five years now, she arrived at our doors fresh off the boat from South Africa.

Mel has been a competitive bodybuilder for 7 years in all, so it was important for her to find a gym that met all her specific requirements. The biggest attraction for her was the diverse range of strength, Cardio equipment and training platforms available at Healthy Life Fitness Centre. All the gym kit and all the friendly staff have helped keep her focused along her journey. Apparently what she has found most invaluable has been the amazing support she receives from all gym members and staff alike.

Mel has been coached from the beginning by the amazing Seaneen Copeland, and together over the last five years they have collected trophy after trophy, most recently claiming gold in both her categories and winning Overall State Figure Champion at the IFBB in October.

You’ll often see Mel and Seaneen training hard in the resistance and strength zones, focused on her next goal, and at the age of 45, Mel believes nothing is impossible if you are focused and hungry enough. That said, she believes consistency is the key to her success.

While her discipline with training and in the kitchen is a lifestyle choice, she has challenges like everyone else. Having a family, including two children under the age of 15, nights out for dinner and social events can be tricky, but she keeps her focus and plans her events so that she can also enjoy fun with family and friends when she’s not competing.

Any questions for the champion? Just ask her when you see her on the gym floor, err after her set that is.