Membership FAQ’s

What age do I need to be to be eligible for memberships?

10 years of age & above, so long as written medical and parental consent is provided in line with Fitness Australia recommendations. Any under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Do you have creche?

Sadly not, we no longer have this facility. We closed our creche in June 2020 due to Covid19 safety requirements. Our new location in 2021 inside the main mall will have a creche again.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Absolutely, in any value that you want!

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely; please CLICK HERE to get your 3 day pass!

Do you have other branches that I can use as a part of my membership?

No, we are a stand-alone private member’s health club that is accredited by ACSM and IHRSA internationally and FA in Australia as are all our instructors qualified, accredited, insured and up to all national standards as recommended by FA including Senior First Aid and CPR current.

I have had memberships before and stopped using them. What happens if I have to end my membership?

We do hear that sometimes, however here at HLFC we have systems in place to hopefully overcome most situations. We provide constant contact with you for the first 3 months to keep you on track and ensure your comfortable and enjoying the facilities. Our personal trainers will induct you with 1 – 5 Personal Training sessions included for free in your packaged joining fee if you select that option. Then they are available to book an appointment with at your discretion and cost to upgrade your program as you progress. This will ensure you’re on track to achieving your goals and good results will motivate you.

Is it worthwhile having a membership as I work away?

We have a discounted membership which covers those who fly in and fly out for work. Also statistics from IHRSA prove that FIFO members use their clubs 50% more than local residents living in the area so do not feel you will be missing out.

Can I receive a discount if a family member joins too?

Yes we do have a family membership rate which gives you both a discount. We also have age group memberships.

Can I suspend my membership?

Yes for any reason whatsoever you may suspend your membership so long as joint memberships remain in line with all membership terms / dates. A small fee of $35 per 4 week (28 day) block will be payable. this sum is approximately 40% of the standard monthly membership fee.